10 Killer Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales

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The principal objective of marketing is simple: to boost public awareness of your product and increase sales. While this may sound straightforward, marketing without clear, careful planning would be like fishing without bait. You might be able to catch something, but you won’t really be satisfied with what you get.

Whether you are a novice or veteran in business, you need to keep learning different strategies for marketing assistance. If you want to get more favorable results, check out these 10 killer marketing tactics to increase sales:

  1. Remember that Customers Buy Benefits

The first step in effective selling is understanding your target customer. To do that, you must remember that when customers shop for an item, they really are shopping for solutions. This is why you need to showcase the benefits of your products. From product labels to newsletters, let your target customers see how your service can improve their lives.

        2. Always Upsell

From a consumer’s point of view, upselling sounds bothersome, even aggressive. But the trick in upselling is finding the right approach and using the right tone. As a business owner, you know how your product can be optimized with the use of other complementary items. If you’re selling electronics, offer accessories to keep your customer’s gadgets protected and looking pristine. It’s easier to upsell when your focus is giving people the best experience with your product.

  1. Get More Email Subscribers

Even amidst the steady rise of social media, email remains to be a rich source of online traffic and sales. Install opt-in forms on your website to make subscribing fast and easy for your visitors. Make sure to offer perks for your subscribers to encourage more people to sign up.

  1. Send Out Wishlist Reminders

Building your email list isn’t an easy feat. Optimize it by sending wish list reminders to your subscribers. Have you placed some items on sale? Why not send out a promotional email to let your subscribers know. You could give your subscribers first dibs on your sale items to keep them excited for your emails.

  1. Have a Smartly-Designed Online Store

Your online shop should be designed in a way that makes buying easy and convenient for shoppers. From the font, lay-out, images, and page transition, you must ensure that navigating your shop is straightforward and simple. Hire the services of a website developer VA (virtual assistant) to help you keep these elements top-notch.

  1. Get Product Reviews

Trust is the foundation of business – and it is even more important in online business marketing. Online shoppers won’t be able to physically test and scrutinize a product, so they will have to rely on the feedback of fellow customers.  Use tools like Raw Generation that solicit reviews from your customers. Display the feedback on your social networks and website to encourage prospects to buy.

  1. Save Abandoned Carts

A study showed that 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned before checkout. This means that your revenue is only one-third of its potential. Salvage profits from your abandoned carts by sending out follow-up emails. Abandon Aid is an app that captures customers who added items on your online store to their cart but changed their mind before checkout.

  1. Encourage User-Generated Content

Reviews, social media mentions, and blog posts – these are just a few ways customers can create content for you. You can encourage this by creating a hashtag for a certain product or campaign that your social media followers can use on their posts. You can also share your social mentions in your profiles or reward people who post pictures of your products.

  1. Be Mobile-Shopping Ready

Mobile shopping isn’t just a fad. Thanks to smartphones and the mobile internet, it’s definitely here to stay. More than ensuring your website has a smart layout, you must also invest in mobile apps for your brand. Use push notifications to engage with dormant shoppers and ‘shop’ buttons in your social networks to encourage faster purchase decisions.

  1.  Repurpose Popular Content

Some blog articles and social media posts prove to be more popular than others. Task your content writer VA (virtual assistant) to repurpose these posts to stir up more engagement. If a blog article garnered more comments and reblogs, turn it into an infographic to share on your social networks. This will extend the discussion and attract more audience.

With constant practice and patience, these 10 killer marketing tactics are sure to increase your sales.


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