10 Home Office Must Haves

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10 Home Office Must Haves

It’s a dream for many professionals to be able to make money from home. The work-from-home setup definitely has its perks, and it offers a great deal of convenience. Nevertheless, there’s one important thing you need to do if you’re thinking of doing your work at home permanently or for a long while — a comfortable workspace where you can actually accomplish tasks.

Here are a few items that your home office should have in order to make it a suitable and productive space.

Reliable computer

This is the backbone of your home office. You should have a properly functioning machine capable of carrying out all the tasks you need done. Choose a computer that’s fully customized to your needs. Figure out if you’ll be doing mostly admin work and data entry or if you’ll be using large apps. Consider getting multiple monitors if there are projects you need to work on simultaneously.

High-speed internet

A fast and stable internet connection means being able to log in to your online accounts, communicate with your team members, and accessing an array of tools without hassle. Make sure that your mobile internet is just as reliable; you can use this as backup in case your main internet is down.

Comfortable chair

You’ll be sitting for most of the day, so you should take care of your posture. Choose a chair with adjustable features and ergonomic support so that you can avoid back pains and neck pains which could affect your health and productivity.

Adjustable desk

Break long hours of sitting by standing at your desk. It helps to have an adjustable table so that you can still perform tasks even while standing. If you already have a regular table that you plan to use in your office, you might want to consider getting a portable standing desk instead.

Communications system

Make sure that you’ll be able to communicate easily with your team or your clients. Mobile phones, telephones, or online services like Skype — choose the ones that you will be able to actually use.


Keep your important documents and other files consisting of sensitive info secure. Find a safe that’s big enough for all the documents and any other valuables you may have.

Office supply

Pen, paper, sticky notes — list down all the office supplies you might need and keep them within reach. You never know when you’ll need them or when you’ll run out, so it’s best to have a sufficient supply all the time.

Good lighting

Your home office should have sufficient light so that you can see your work clearly. Moreover, good lighting contributes to the mood and atmosphere in your workspace. Allow as much natural light as you can by having windows.


Your home office shouldn’t be too cold or too humid. Temperature can affect your focus and overall productivity, so if you have the budget, invest in a good air conditioning system or get a space heater or fan on standby.

Healthy snacks, coffee, and tea

Feel free to stock up on healthy snacks and warm drinks to feel re-energized every time you take short breaks. This can help boost your concentration and productivity throughout the day.

Add other essentials that you want for your home office and create a checklist for this. Slowly build your workspace at home and turn it into a place where you can be efficient and productive.

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