How Jeanine Grew ‘The Supreme Love Project’ from $0 to $250k in 4 Months

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Here’s how The Supreme Love Project founder, Jeanine Staples, grew her company from earning $0 to a $250k launch in 4 months — and earning close to 7 figures 5 years after.

At a Glance

When Jeanine Staples started working on The Supreme Love Project, she had a total profit of $0, a team consisting only of herself, and a major feeling of uncertainty about what the future holds for her company.

Fast forward to five years and an amazing team of virtual assistants (VAs) later, The Supreme Love Project is now a “high-impact, high-influence, and high-income” organization providing coaching, strategies, and products that help so many struggling women find their sense of self and tap into their own power.

The Problem

The Supreme Love Project was formed out of Jeanine’s amazing vision of having a support system for struggling women that would allow them to heal, escape toxic love, and rebuild their lives.

But while Jeanine had an incredible goal, she didn’t know how to achieve it back then. She spent months trying to do everything herself: from answering emails and calls to building landing pages and funnels just to get people to sign up for her coaching business. Nine months after she started, she had nothing to show for it. In her own words, she had “zero dollars, zero subscribers, and zero energy.”

To get out of this unpromising situation, Jeanine invested in a coach who promptly told her that she needed to form a team, and to start by hiring just one person to assist her.

The Solution

Prompted by a referral from a friend of her colleague’s friend, Jeanine decided to hire her first VA from 20four7VA. Before landing on 20four7VA, she had already stumbled upon other self-employed VAs and virtual staffing companies. 20four7VA’s professionalism and clarity, however, convinced her to get her first VA from them. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“I like that they had a team of people who ran HR, who ran messaging, who offered to me what I felt like was a concierge service. They listened to me, first of all, [talk about] what my vision was and what I was hoping to achieve. And they directed me to a clustering of people. I had like 5 or 6 people that I could choose from, and they organized video testimonials of the VA. They wrote out what their skill level was, what their rate was. I got to interview them via Zoom with the help of the 20four7VA staff to help facilitate the conversation and the communication — it was fantastic! It was such an easy experience. It took so much stress out of the search for me.”

The Results

Four months after hiring just one VA from 20four7VA, Jeanine was finally able to give The Supreme Love Project the debut it deserved: a $250,000 launch, 25,000 new subscribers, and thousands of people following her on social media.

“The difference was night and day. Toiling on my own, going through trial and error, not knowing what I was doing, trying to be a jack-of-all-trades; I was a master of none,” Jeanine said. “When I hired VAs with expertise in creating pages, in creating funnels, in answering emails, in doing client care, in creating testimonials, in creating Facebook groups, in creating Facebook ads, in editing videos… Literally, so much weight fell off of my shoulders.”

Five years after her first VA hire from 20four7VA, her core team now consists of five people (including three VAs from 20four7VA) and a couple of ad hoc consultants. The Supreme Love is earning close to 7 figures and still growing!

Her VAs have now been with her for about three years and are now in management positions in her company. The relationship that she was able to build and the mutual trust that grew from this relationship makes Jeanine incredibly optimistic about the future of The Supreme Love.

“Now the sky is the limit… None of this would have been possible without my team of VAs,” Jeanine remarked.

Her final advice? “Go for it, get your VA. Don’t wait!”

Watch Jeanine’s full story on video here!

About Jeanine Staples:

Jeanine Staples is a Professor of Literacy and Language, African American Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the Pennsylvania State University, an author, speaker, coach, and the founder of The Supreme Love Project. Learn more about Jeanine and her company by visiting her website and

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