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Miles to Dollars 20four7VA

Recognizing the challenge of maintaining an active lifestyle while working remotely, 20four7VA is proud to announce the 2024 Miles to Dollars Project: Fueling Health, Funding Hope!

20four7VA understands the importance of a healthy body for a healthy mind and successful career, and we’re dedicated to the well-being of both our staff and Virtual Assistants (VAs). Through the Miles to Dollars Project, we aim to encourage our remote workers to incorporate walking or running into their daily routines, while simultaneously supporting charitable causes. Join us on this journey towards healthier living and making a positive impact with every step!

What is the Miles to Dollars Project?

The Miles to Dollars Project is all about boosting wellness for 20four7VA staff while helping out a good cause. Here’s how it works: we’ll form staff teams, and each member will contribute “miles” to their team’s overall Mileage Score. The teams with the highest Mileage Score will be our Miles to Dollars champions! But that’s not all – for each winning team, 20four7VA will make a donation to their chosen charity. Plus, we’ll also crown the MVP, the individual who clocks in the most miles, with a special award. So, let’s lace up those sneakers and make a difference together!

We want to acknowledge that everyone has different physical capabilities, and participation in this project is entirely voluntary. Your wellbeing is our top priority. Remember, there’s no pressure to log a specific number of miles. Just contribute what you can, when you can. This project is all about coming together as a team, having fun, and making a positive impact – both for ourselves and for others!

2024 Miles to Dollars Project: Project Mechanics

Project Duration: April 1, 2024 – September 30, 2024

Team Formation and Leadership

  • Prior to the project’s commencement, participants will be organized into teams.
  • Each team will have a designated Team Leader (TL).
  • Responsibilities of the TL include:
    • Facilitating information flow within the team.
    • Ensuring adherence to project rules by all team members.
    • Motivating and encouraging team participation.

Participant Requirements

  • All participants must register for a Strava account and join the 20four7VA organization.
  • Mile tracking is to be done exclusively through the Strava app or a compatible smartwatch.

Eligible Activities for Mile Accumulation

  • Only miles from Walking, Running, and Hiking are eligible.
  • Miles must be personally earned; sharing Strava accounts for mile accumulation is prohibited.

Prohibited Actions

  • Use of vehicles (bikes, motorcycles, etc.) for mile accumulation is not allowed.
  • Manual editing of activities to inflate mileage is strictly forbidden.
  • Any form of dishonest entry is grounds for disqualification.

Compliance and Fair Play

  • Regular checks will be conducted to validate mile entries.
  • Entries outside the project timeframe (before April 1, 2024 or after September 30, 2024) will not be counted.
  • Repeat violations of rules may lead to participant disqualification.

Mileage Tracking and Announcements

  • The Committee will monitor and record the total miles of each team and individual.
  • Monthly updates on team standings will be provided for transparency and motivation.

Remember, the essence of the Miles to Dollars Project is not just in accumulating miles, but in fostering a spirit of healthy competition and community involvement. Let’s walk, run, and hike our way to success!

2024 Miles to Dollars Project: Recognition and Awards

Project Awards

  • Staff Striders Award: This prestigious award goes to the team with the highest cumulative miles in the Miles to Dollars project.
  • Miles to Dollars MVP: This individual accolade is awarded to the staff member contributing the most miles.

Monthly Challenges

In addition to the overall project winners, we will recognize the achievers of our engaging monthly challenges. Each month, a unique challenge will be presented to all participants, creating additional opportunities for recognition and rewards.

Mileage Score Computation

Team Mileage Scores are calculated by dividing the total miles contributed by the number of team members. This ensures a fair comparison across teams of varying sizes.

For example, Team 1’s total miles will be divided by 9, Team 2’s by 10, and so on.


  • The Staff Striders Award winning team selects a charity for a monetary donation from 20four7VA.
  • Digital Medals and Certificates for the MVP and all members of the winning team.
  • Both the MVP and Monthly Challenge Winners will receive special surprise rewards.

Announcement of Winners

The grand reveal of the Project Award winners will take place during our annual live Townhall in the Philippines in November. Monthly challenge winners will be announced one week after the conclusion of each monthly challenge. All winners will also be notified via email and Skype.

We look forward to celebrating the incredible efforts and achievements of all our participants at the end of this exciting journey. Let’s make every mile count!


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