30 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Marketing Assistant

There has never been a better time for marketers. Thanks to the internet and social media, even startups and home-based entrepreneurs can reach their customers directly. On the flip side, there [...]

12 Things to Know Before You Hire a Telemarketer

Telemarketing is one of the oldest techniques in the marketing book. Before social media, chatbots, or email campaigns, businesses have been ringing people up to promote their brand or services. [...]

20four7VA Service Expansion To Help Small Business Owners Impacted By The COVID-19 Pandemic

20four7VA has expanded its services to help small business owners navigate the current global crisis. The company announced that it has begun accepting requests for Project-Based Virtual [...]

51 Remote Work Tools to Help You Through the Pandemic

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, small business owners find themselves facing a difficult decision. Should you throw down the towel now and minimize losses or take a risk and aim [...]

50 Reasons You Need a Sales Virtual Assistant

Sales tactics that work today may no longer be as effective tomorrow. As a business owner, you need to continuously assess and update your plan to ensure a fruitful, cost-effective, and efficient [...]

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