5 Ways to Balance Your Work-From-Home Life

Balancing your work-from-home life can be very challenging. A virtual employee who works at home may have more time with family. However, it does not exempt a VA from facing challenges in achieving a balance between spending time with work and with family. To help VAs cope with this, here are 5 ways to balance your work-from-home life.

Ways to Balance Your Work-From-Home Life

Assign a designated workplace
Being organized is a key element in keeping the balance in your work-from-home life. Assigning a designated workplace allows you to work productively without any distractions. It’s advisable to assign a workplace that is far from the window and the kitchen to avoid being distracted by noise and visual elements.

It’s also advisable to have your workplace outside the bedroom as it takes away the temptation of taking a nap often. This could lead to a negative effect on your productivity. By assigning a designated place of work, family members will understand that once you’re in that zone, you should not be bothered and noise should be kept on the low levels. This helps you finish your tasks on time while allowing you to spend more time with family and friends.

Don’t eat while working
Having small snacks is acceptable, but it’s better to eat lunch or dinner at the dining area. This allows you to spend an appropriate time in bonding with your family during meals. By physically removing yourself in front of your computer or your designated workplace, you allow your body and mind to stay fresh and prepare for the tasks at hand.

Spend at least a whole day with your family/spouse
Schedule a whole day that you can spend with your children or spouse. Choose a day of the week that is convenient for both parties involved. Once you set this, strictly follow it the best way you can and make sure that you don’t work on this day to ensure that your time with family is well spent. Spending at least one whole day with your family is not only beneficial for your relationship, it also helps in keeping you happy and preventing you from feeling burned out. You’ll notice that after spending time with family, you’ll feel more energized and enthusiastic to work.

Health has been a constant issue for virtual employees who work from home, since many VAs tend to forget that exercise is essential in keeping your body fit. Schedule a daily exercise routine. It would be better to do it with your kids or spouse. Be it early in the morning of after your shift in the afternoon, what’s important is that you get to exercise and spend time with your family at the same time. Take note of the saying, “a healthy family is a happy family.”

If it’s time for work, make sure you focus on your work. Don’t allow yourself to get easily distracted when your friends call and ask if you’re available for a couple of drinks. Learn to focus and prioritize your duties. If it’s work time, let it be your priority. This allows you to finish your tasks on time, thus allowing you to spend more time with your family after work is finished. By being distracted, you’ll end up not finishing your tasks, making you a less productive and unreliable VA.

Above are the 5 tips every VA should take note of to help them keep a balanced work-from-home life. By following the tips discussed above, you can expect a better relationship with your clients and your family.

An organized and balanced lifestyle ensures that you don’t miss out on important family gatherings and moments without compromising your career.


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