5 Ways Successful People Spend Their Time After Work

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Being too engrossed with work tends to make a person one dimensional and has the possibility of derailing a person’s personal or professional growth.

Most virtual assistants will agree that work-life balance is vital if you want to have a sustainable career online. The most successful ones believe in working hard and working smart as well. But how do these achievers spend their time after a hectic day?

Here’s the lowdown:

  • They make time for their families. Success has many definitions. For some people, it means having ample time for their families and loved ones. After all, you don’t want to exist just to work and pay the bills. After every work session, take the time to focus on your family. Share a home-cooked meal, talk about your day, and create a meaningful relationship. Time spent with family is never a waste.
  • They practice a fitness regimen. Most successful people exhibit a huge amount of discipline. One way this manifests in their daily lives is in their practice of self-care and a good fitness regimen. Having home-based jobs tend to cause some VAs to be sluggish and sedentary. This will slow down the metabolism and weaken the body. Invest in your health by having a regular workout session. If you are on a budget and can’t enroll in a gym then streaming free exercise videos is your best bet. Remember to stay motivated and be stronger and wiser than your excuses.
  • They socialize. Even the most introverted people have their own trusted social circle. You don’t have to suddenly become a party animal. Socializing simply means taking some time to go out into the world and have meaningful conversations with others. Having a support system like a trusted group of friends is always a good idea for people who earn from home. Also, going out and accumulating fresh ideas will make you more relatable and marketable as a VA. Learning doesn’t just happen in front of the screen; the world is a classroom. So never stop listening and learning from people from all walks of life.
  • They take time to detach and do what they love. For a healthy and sound mind, you must make time for yourself as well. In many cases, solitude can be just as invigorating for your mind as socializing. Take up art lessons, learn a new craft, whip up a home-cooked meal, meditate, listen to great music, unwind and so on. The idea is to have a hobby that will make you realize other things about yourself. Life isn’t all about work, after all. Life can be spent discovering other passions.
  • They practice gratefulness. Gratefulness is a simple act of quiet humility. Take the time each day to pray or meditate. Some VAs might sometimes get in the zone and lose the ability to see things with a clear and unbiased perspective. By practicing gratefulness, you are actually doing a routine self-assessment which is important for every VA. Take the time to know what your weak spots are, highlight your strengths and be thankful for both. Both are great for character building which helps a virtual assistant move forward and be better.

Success is often seen as earning big bucks or accumulating wealth and other material things. Obviously, the way to attain these is to work hard. But do not forget that there are other valuable things in life that should be invested on too: yourself, your family and your peace of mind.


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