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tools that every virtual assistant should have

Are you keen on making a career in the virtual assistant industry?

Are you one of the many on a mission to make something fulfilling out of the job search?

Before diving into the world of virtual assistants, it’s best to research first so you are fully informed and prepared.

To help you get started, here are the necessities of virtual assistants.

  1. Stable internet connection
    The internet is the heart and soul of your online career, so make sure you’ve got it covered. Register for a cable or broadband internet subscription with speeds of at least 3-5 mbps. Your clients expect you to be reliable, so it’s vital that your Wi-Fi connection is stable.
  2. Desktop or laptop
    The best choice for you will depend on the job that you will be doing. For graphic artists, a sturdy and speedy desktop is usually the best choice due to the features that are needed for designing and rendering. For administrative and writing jobs, a lightweight laptop should suffice.
  3. Headset with microphone
    Having a headset will help minimize the background noise and make communication between VAs and clients hassle-free. This will come in handy during trainings and meetings too.
  4. Sturdy table
    Do not attempt to work on a couch or a bed. That can encourage you to get lazy and unproductive. Invest in a sturdy work table and keep it clean and uncluttered.
  5. Comfy Chair
    Get a chair that is comfy — but not too comfy that it will induce relaxation and sleepiness. Choose one that gives you ample support because you will be on that chair for 6 to 8 hours each day.
  6. Desk lamp
    Place your workstation by the window so you get natural light during the day. At night, a good desk lamp will help illuminate your area.
  7. Good ventilation
    Again, placing your work area by the window will help you enjoy the breeze outside. Just don’t forget to shut the windows when there is a downpour. Invest in a good air-conditioning system or a fan if there are budget constraints.
  8. Cellphone
    A VA must be easily accessible during work sessions, so a cellphone is a must.
  9. Task Management Application
    Basecamp and Asana are good examples. These tools will help your client delegate tasks and in addition, this will organize your workflow so you keep track of the things that have to be accomplished.
  10. Google account and Google applications
    Sending emails and sharing documents are everyday tasks. Make sure you familiarize yourself with Google Drive and Google Docs so you can collaborate efficiently with your client and other team members.
  11. Skype account
    This is where most of the action happens. Online trainings and meetings are usually held on Skype, so having this is truly essential.
  12. Hard drive for storage
    A USB drive or hard drive are best friends of virtual assistants. This will be your backup storage for important files and documents.
  13. Cloud storage
    For an added backup for storage, a VA must have Google Drive, Apple iCloud or Amazon iCloud depending on what your client prefers. This will give you added storage from 7 to 15 gigs. This is essential for graphic artists or those with jobs that require them to keep large files.
  14. Screenshot and Video Application
    A great example of this is Jing. It helps you document your work via screenshots. What’s great about it too is that it allows you to take videos which come in handy when you need to do trainings.
  15. Online Time Clock
    Documenting your online presence during work sessions is required. 2ofour7va uses Time Clock Wizard to log in and out of work daily.


Make sure to have these set-up and ready when you start because they will really make your life easier. These must-haves will not only help you stay on track, they will also put order and efficiency into your workflow.


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