12 Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Work More

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12 Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Work More

There are plenty of career opportunities for someone who provides virtual assistant services these days. However, many of these jobs and clients require similar sets of skills and tasks. Even when you take on more clients, a lot of your duties will probably be centered on a single skill of yours.  At some point, your work as a virtual employee might seem too repetitive, mundane, unfulfilling or just plain boring.

To avoid being disappointed with your job, you need to be proactive in seeking ways to be happier on the clock. You don’t even have to make any major changes to do it. Here are 12 simple ways to enjoy your work more.


  • Treat yourself to a healthy, delicious breakfast everyday.

To feel great about the rest of the day, you need to start the day right! Don’t settle for a cup of instant coffee; treat yourself to a hearty and yummy breakfast each day. It is the most important meal of the day after all.


  • Improve your workspace.

One good thing about working at home is that you get to do whatever you want with your desk or home office, so decorate it and make it your own. Let your personality shine through your workspace and you’ll find yourself becoming more motivated to work.


  • Set small, achievable goals.

You’ll be stressed if you just have one huge goal to accomplish by the end of the week or month, so break it down into smaller, more achievable goals. This way, it’ll be easier to see your progress.


  • Reward yourself for a job well done.

Don’t hesitate to reward yourself for doing a great job. Have a spa day, go to a movie, or dine at a fancy restaurant. Do whatever makes you happy and treat yourself.


  • Help someone.

Helping someone truly makes you feel good about yourself, so don’t be stingy when it comes to offering your assistance.


  • Find meaning in your work.

Sure, this isn’t really that simple, but it’s very important to find something meaningful about your work. This way, your job won’t just be a job to you but something that you’ll be proud of doing.


  • Eat something comforting.

Treat yourself to your comfort food every now and then even if it’s something sinful like candy, pizza, or chips. Everything in moderation is totally fine!


  • Listen to music that makes you feel good.

Boost your mood with a great playlist that never fails to lift your mood and set the tone for a rocking day ahead.


  • Gamify your work day.

Love earning points for small achievements? Then try to do the same at work. Reward yourself some points for completing something and you’ll feel more inclined to get going.


  • Go for some mindless humor on the internet.

You can always count on websites like Buzzfeed or Bored Panda to give you access to quick, mindless fun, so take advantage of them. Just don’t spend hours on these sites! Set a timer so you don’t forget to do the rest of your tasks.


  • Do some window shopping – or real shopping!

During your breaks, do some online window shopping or buy something you’ve got your eye on for weeks. Retail therapy really does wonders when it comes to improving the mood.


  • Take a nap.

What better way to enjoy your work more than to wake up refreshed from a nice, long nap? Take a nap during break to feel much better and more energized.

As with all things that make you feel good, do everything in moderation so you can stay balanced and focused. Got some happiness-boosting tips of your own? Share them with your fellow VAs by leaving a comment below!

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