10 Things You Need to Stop Saying in 2019

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The year is drawing to a close, and in many aspects of our lives, this usually means that it’s time to reflect on the year that was and prepare for major changes in the year to come.

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to become a more successful virtual assistant or to  help more clients grow their virtual business more efficiently, then you need to make sure that you’re not doing anything, consciously or unconsciously, to hold yourself back from pursuing success.

Want to become a better virtual employee? Remember these 10 things you need to stop saying in 2019.


  • “I can do everything myself.”

Being an independent worker is a valuable thing, but you need to know your limits. Forcing yourself to do everything when there are things you can leave to more capable hands isn’t at all productive.


  • “I can’t do it.”

If you always adopt a negative view before you even attempt a new task, you’re holding yourself back big time. At least try out a new task before deciding whether you’ll succeed at it or not.


  • “I don’t need their opinion.”

It’s fine to take pride in your work, but ignoring constructive criticism or new ideas won’t do anything to help you improve.


  • “I don’t need to skill up.”

There will always be a need for you to skill up. Success at work is all about learning new things and enhancing the skills you already have.


  • “I can survive without a holiday.”

Holidays and long breaks allow you to recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not taking a holiday doesn’t mean you’re working better. It just means you’re working more than you need to.


  • “They won’t like my idea.”

You can’t please everyone with your idea. But if you’re letting their opinion stop you from sharing it, you will never really know their reactions, will you?


  • “I need to work more and sleep or rest less.”

Unless you’ve been sleeping half the day off all the time, then you probably don’t need to work more. Stick to an eight-hour workday at most. You need time to sleep, have fun, and socialize to become a well-rounded person.


  • “I’m too busy to do this.”

It’s all about priorities. Being “too busy” is not a legitimate reason to not pursue something that can really help you become more successful.


  • “It’s their fault.”

Pointing fingers is something you should have left behind a long, long time ago. It’s very unprofessional and is not something an adult should do. Learn to own up to your mistakes. Even if it’s really somebody else’s fault, playing the blame game won’t do anything to help the situation.


  • “I don’t want to seem too eager.”

If seeming “too eager” stops you from volunteering help, then you need to rethink this attitude. As long as you’re not overstepping your boundaries and you’re not overtasking yourself, there’s nothing wrong with being assertive.

It’s about time you stop second-guessing yourself and start being more confident of your capabilities. When you stop saying these 10 things, you can prepare yourself for a brighter future ahead.

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