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    Jamiel started her career in 2012 as a Level 1 Technical Support Representative in one of the most successful contact centers in the Philippines.

    Jamiel steadily rose from the ranks. In 2014, she became a Sales Mentor leading over 15 associates. In 2016, she was promoted to a Supervisor in charge of strategic planning, developing and directing end-to-end operations processes to her associates. Throughout her career she has garnered multiple exemplary performance awards.

    Now that Jamiel is part of 20Four7VA she will work closely with the recruitment team in achieving the company branding and recruiting goals as Client Endorsement Specialist.


    My top priority as a Client Endorsement Specialist is to make sure our VA’s will find a client that will match their skills and time availability and/or vice versa. We also Active Source Specialist VA’s such as Programmer, Developer, Social Media Manager, Advanced E-Commerce Virtual Assistant, etc.


    Apart from my customer service skills that I got form being in the BPO industry, I also have good interpersonal skills, I’m a team player and a people’s person.

    I know I have earned a lot of general skills from my previous company. However, I just recently started my journey here in 20Four7VA so I would like share my soft skills.

    I believe that this will make me great at my job.

    1. Commitment

    I’m into commitments; I don’t enter any contracts or agreements if I am not ready to commit to it. Same thing goes with 20Four7VA. I have stayed for six and a half years from my previous company; when I entered 20Four7VA I told myself that I will also stay here for a while. Hoping it’ll be 10 years and beyond.

    2. Love and Passion

    Once I give my commitment to something I always put love into it. Then my burning passion will follow and then successful results.

    3. Motivation

    They say if no one celebrates or motivates you, you have to motivate yourself. I do this all the time; even if I know that I have friends and family that is proud of me. I don’t wait for anyone to motivate me.

    4. Initiative

    I always have initiative to ask, do things or anything that may help me grow my career and help the business.

    5. Embrace Risk: 

    I have learnt that embracing risks or changes is part of success. So, I just accept them with my arms open.

    6. Accountability

    If I did something wrong I am not shy admitting it. I always take accountability, no time for blame game.

    7. Never Give Up: 

    During my career, I had a lot of fall down. I didn’t care, I just moved on and spread love; showed them my burning passion to become successful and asset to everyone.


    Working at 20Four7VA made it possible for me to be with my mom and my four puppies. The fact that this company operates as home-based made life quite convenient. I no longer have to travel 27 kilometers from home to work and endure traffic. Instead of wasted time in traffic, I can make more memories and spend quality time with my mom and fur-babies.

    The salary here is also a big plus since I can earn more than enough to support my family.


    1. I am the 3rd child in the family and I am also the “bread winner”
    2. I have four dogs and I love playing badminton.
    3. I cannot live without a hand moisturizer, I will literally cry if I lose my bottle of hand moisturizer if I am somewhere outside home.
    4. I tend to laugh out loud in public; literally crying with laughter.

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