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Real Estate Lead Generation

Many real estate agents will tell you that lead generation is one of the hardest parts of their job. It’s not easy to get in front of people who are actively looking to buy or sell a home, no matter how skilled you are at your craft. Many realtors rely on a real estate lead generation agency because it truly takes the work of multiple departments to generate good results.

For lead generation, real estate agents need to look at their marketing budget and consider how to use the internet to get the most for their money. This is often an exercise in trial and error, with some techniques working better than others depending on your geographic location and target audience.

For established brokerages, working with the best lead generation company for realtors or hiring lead gen experts who can supply their real estate business with a constant stream of qualified real estate leads is the way to go. Unfortunately, not all real estate agents have the budget to work with an agency or even hire a full-time employee to generate real estate leads. In this case, some real estate professionals often take the DIY route and look for ways to generate leads themselves.

How Does Real Estate Lead Generation Work?

real estate lead generation

Real estate lead generation is the process of getting in front of people who are actively looking to buy (buyer leads) or sell (seller leads) a home. This information can be gathered in many ways, with some activities being more labor-intensive than others.

There are many techniques for generating leads for real estate agents, and most of them rely on a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, social media, paid search advertising, and direct mail campaigns.

Some lead generation strategies also include offline tactics. For instance, a real estate agent can host open houses, host events for the entire community, and so on. These strategies involve building a personal connection with potential buyers or sellers, but they are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Not to mention that hosting local events cost money and a lot of it.

In general, today’s top methods of real estate lead generation involve generating online leads. This usually involves improving your visibility to potential clients online and offline. A good example is using SEO to rank for keywords that prospective buyers would search, such as “house for sale in [your area].”

Once you’re ranking high on popular search engines like Google and Bing, you can attract leads to your website and get them to leave you their contact information so you can follow up. If you sell homes in Florida, a buyer may search for “houses in [location],” and they’re likely to find your site if you have content that’s specific to their location, such as beachfront homes in Destin.

Of course, you can’t just rank high on one or two keywords and expect traffic to build. In addition to SEO, you need to create helpful content that will bring people back to your site time after time, build a community on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, run successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and do other forms of outbound and inbound marketing.

This is why you need to think about real estate lead generation as a long-term project, not just something you do once and forget about. This is also why a real estate agent working to generate leads alone never works out. Even though real estate agents have the necessary real estate expertise, they still need help generating leads to grow their real estate business successfully.

What is a Real Estate Lead Gen Virtual Assistant?

real estate lead generation

Lead generation is all about identifying the people who are most likely to be interested in your services and then reaching out to them when they’re ready to buy or sell a home. The more real estate leads you have, the more sales opportunities you have. This is why it’s important to get a steady flow of quality leads including both real estate seller leads and buyer leads.

Because real estate marketing and lead generation are rife with many time-consuming admin and specialized tasks, it’s crucial to hire someone to help you generate leads, qualify leads, manage leads, and nurture leads.

The bottom line is that getting new leads, particularly quality leads, takes up a lot of time, which is why it’s almost impossible for one person to do everything on their own. That’s why hiring a real estate lead generation virtual assistant is important to grow your real estate business.

Real estate lead generation virtual assistants can help real estate agents and brokerages get more real estate leads by doing the routine lead gen tasks or tasks that require special skills or knowledge such as SEO, social media marketing, or content writing.

The difference between a real estate lead generation employee and a VA is that VAs can work from anywhere in the world. They are considered freelancers or contractors, too, so you don’t have to worry about paying for desk space, equipment, insurance, tax withholding, and so on.

What Tasks Do the Best Lead Generation VAs for Realtors Do?

real estate lead generation

A real estate lead generation virtual assistant works on a wide range of tasks that help generate leads and fill your sales funnel. There are several lead gen ideas and strategies available, so you need to think about your overall business strategy and how each task relates to it.

Here are some tasks you can outsource to a real estate lead gen VA to help you get more leads.

Outbound Calls and Cold Calling

One of the lead gen strategies that still work in the real estate industry is cold calling. While you can outsource this task to a VA, it’s best if you find someone who has experience doing cold calls. This person should also be able to do other types of outbound calls and follow up with leads.

Inbound Call Handling

Another task that a VA can do for you is handling inbound calls. Whether this pertains to people calling about an ad they saw on Facebook or other forms of marketing you’re doing, the person answering those calls should be professional and friendly. They should also be able to ask questions and qualify leads so that you know which ones are worth following up with.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Database Management

Real estate agents and brokers, in particular, have a long list of contacts they have to manage. This includes past clients you can contact again when they’re ready to buy or sell a home. A real estate lead generation VA can help you add new leads or contacts to your database, keep track of the ones currently in there, update contact information, and pull up the right information when you’re ready to contact a specific person.

Lead Qualification

One of the most important aspects of lead generation is to ensure that you’re generating enough leads and also that you’re getting the right type of leads. That’s where lead qualification comes in.

A virtual assistant can help you qualify new leads and get them into the pipeline to be followed up with. This is very important because it can be hard to keep track of all of them if you get too many new leads. A lead gen VA can also help you weed through low-quality leads and make sure that you focus on nurturing high-quality ones instead.

SEO and Link Building

SEO and link building are some of the best ways to generate real estate leads today. That means your website needs to rank well in search engines, and you need to get backlinks from other reputable websites. This way, Google sees your page as trustworthy, and you can have high-ranking pages. A VA can help with all these tasks.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is also a huge lead generator today, so you need to be on top of your social media accounts and know what types of posts are likely to generate the most leads. A VA can help with creating and posting content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and other popular social networks.

Writing and Content

If writing’s not your forte, you can always hire a real estate lead generation VA to help with content creation. This may be through blogging, guest posting, link building through others’ blog posts, or other forms of content marketing. The goal is to get more visibility for your brand and attract potential clients who are looking for a real estate agent.

Email and Marketing Automations

A VA can also help you with your email marketing through services like MailChimp. You can automate email campaigns by following up with leads after they’ve filled out a form or downloaded content on your website, sharing blog posts and popular articles, and sending follow-up emails to make sure that people are receiving the information. A VA can also help you with creating automated email campaigns, designing email templates, and following up with leads at the right time so you continue to receive high-quality responses.

Web Design and Development

A VA can also help with designing and building your website. You need a site that’s mobile-friendly, ranks well in search engines, and provides information about your brand. A lead generation VA can help you build this while ensuring that it is user-friendly and has all the elements you need to attract leads, such as contact forms, lead magnets like free reports, and other relevant content.

Marketing Collateral Design

Another task a virtual assistant can do for you is to create marketing collateral such as postcards, flyers, business cards, and letters that you can distribute in open houses or local community events. Marketing pieces are important so people know where they can find you and how they can contact you. A VA can help design these materials to make sure that they’re eye-catching and convey the right messages about your brand.

Lead Generation Strategies and Ideas

Depending on your budget, you might want a VA who can create original lead generation ideas for you based on the industry and your target audience. Of course, this would mean hiring a more experienced VA who likely has a higher hourly rate.

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What Skills Does a Real Estate Lead Generation VA Need to Have?

real estate lead generation

Not all virtual assistants have the skills required to generate real estate leads effectively. That’s why you need to be very specific with your job posting when looking for a lead generation VA. It would help if you look for these traits:

Background or Experience in Lead Generation

A lead generation VA should have experience in real estate lead generation and generating buyer leads or seller leads through various marketing channels. You need to be sure that your virtual assistant knows what works and doesn’t work when generating sales leads. They should also understand the latest techniques and trends in real estate marketing, such as how geo-targeting is trending today.

Excellent Communication Skills

Since you have to relay a lot of information to your virtual assistant, good communication skills are necessary. Your lead generation VA should be able to listen and follow instructions carefully so that there’s a consistent brand messaging throughout all the content they create for you. They also need to know how to explain concepts in ways that are easily understood by the end-user.

Creativity and a Good Eye for Design

Since a VA is responsible for creating content that will attract buyers, you need someone who can produce high-quality pieces that stand out. Your lead generation material should not only generate leads but also keep your brand fresh so people remember it. A good designer knows how to create visuals that are appealing to the eye so they’ll have your leads want more.

How Do I Hire a Virtual Assistant for Realtor Lead Generation Services?

Hiring a virtual assistant for real estate lead generation can be challenging, especially if you’re new to outsourcing tasks to a remote worker. You can post ads on job boards or social media groups, but checking resumes and vetting applicants is a tedious task.

To avoid the stress of hiring a VA on your own, seek help from an experienced virtual assistant agency. 20four7VA is a full-service outsourced virtual staffing solutions company that can help you with all your needs. With our tools and resources, 20four7VA provides a more efficient way of hiring a VA for lead generation services than hiring someone on your own.

We will screen resumes of potential applicants, so only qualified ones will be sent to you. You can also be certain that the VA we send you has the required experience and skills to do the job properly.

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