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We have been working on our website over the past months and we are so excited to let you know that our new home has fully launched!

We have not only moved around our current pages, we have also implemented features where we could serve our clients and our VAs better than we did before.

Improved Website Content

For starters, we are proud to say that we have improved our website content. Each of our services now have dedicated pages where you can read about what they cover and how they can benefit your business.

This time, we have added testimonial sections to all our content too!

More Efficient Consultation Call Booking Process

Yes, our consultation calls are still FREE and they come with no-strings attached. That has not changed.

However, we have made the process better. Way better. For us to get the most of our consultation call, we have prepared “pre-consultation form” which will introduce us to your business & what your needs are. This way, when we get to the call we will focus more on finding solutions to your needs.

We have also implemented a nifty call-scheduling system that allows you to easily add the scheduled call to your calendar of choice!

Improved Dedicated Page for Virtual Assistants

We now have a dedicated page for all our applicants where they can read up on all they need to know about the company which will help them decide on sending us their application.

Also, we now feature all open positions. This way, it will be faster for applicants to find the actual positions that are best fitted for their skills & experiences.

Upgraded Application Process

Our new website features an on-site application form which applicants will fill-out to initiate their application process. This form will allow applicants to enter their information seamlessly to our database.

Once the form is fulfilled, applicants will be sent their test tasks.

Better View on How we Do Business

Our About Us section now features a lot of helpful content that gives you a better view on how we do things here at 20FOUR7VA. This portion of our site, now not only features our information and story. It features all the wonderful things we do for our clients and our VAs too.

We even have a dedicated page for our staff too!

Lo & Behold – the 20FOUR7VA Blog!

We are so pleased to tell you that we will now be publishing informative & helpful posts on our blog. Posts will, of course, center around tips, hacks, news in the internet marketing & eCommerce industries.

Again, because we want to let you in into our fun company culture, we will be featuring VA & staff stories on our blog as well.

With all that said, we’d love to welcome you to our new home once again. Please take the time to walk through it and see all these wonderful updates!

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