2da feria laboral CUP 2022

20four7VA is pleased to announce our participation in the 2da feria laboral CUP, a virtual conference for students of universities that are members of la Corporación de Universidades Privadas (CUP) or the Private Universities Corporation. This event is part of our goal to expand our reach and provide sustainable job opportunities throughout Latin America. We look forward to connecting with talented students and sharing our initiative with them.

WHAT IS THE 2da feria laboral CUP?

The 2da feria laboral CUP, or 2nd CUP Labor Fair, is a 5-day virtual event that aims to provide a platform for students from select institutions to browse through top companies and find suitable job opportunities. The CUP has 15 member universities, and students from these universities are all invited to browse through the virtual exhibit halls, learn about the exhibiting companies and organizations, and submit their resumes or communicate with representatives from the exhibitors.


When: August 03-10, 2022 – Update: Extended to Aug. 14, 2022
Where: Online at the CUP Website

We’re holding a Spanish Career Night for all 2da feria laboral CUP attendees (and even non-attendees)! As long as you speak Spanish AND English, you’re welcome to join our special Spanish Career Night. Click here to sign up!

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