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What is an eBay Virtual Assistant?


With 1.3 billion product listings vying for the attention of 182 million customers worldwide, eBay is undoubtedly one of the most competitive online marketplaces to sell on. For this reason, it’s essential to check your eBay store daily to keep up with the competition.

Unfortunately, daily monitoring of your eBay seller account can quickly eat up a large chunk of your day. For many business owners, those precious hours spent updating product listings, monitoring inventory, responding to feedback, updating deliveries, and so on can be better spent on strategies and tasks that can grow your business faster. To keep your eBay store in great shape, you must learn from eBay expert sellers and start looking at remote staffing solutions.

An eBay virtual assistant (VA) works remotely on various aspects related to maintaining a well-functioning and marketable online store on eBay. These professionals are trained specifically on the daily management of an eBay seller account. They can work on various tasks, including customer service, order processing, and inventory management. Some eBay VAs also have specialized skills such as content writing, SEO, or graphic design. This means they can help you enhance your listings so they stand out among similar listings from your competitors.

You might wonder, “wouldn’t freelance eBay marketers or a freelance eBay expert offer me the same thing?” Yes, and no. Some eBay virtual assistants do freelance work, so they can indeed be considered freelance eBay experts. But an eBay VA, especially one who works with a top virtual staffing company like 20four7VA, typically has more in-depth training and knowledge. Our VAs, for instance, are trained on popular eBay seller tools and software, so they are ready to work for you immediately with minimal training on your part.

What Can an eBay Virtual Assistant Do for You?


There are a couple of different kinds of eBay VAs you can hire, and they usually specialize in one or two aspects of selling. For instance, you can hire a customer support eBay VA to monitor and reply to customer feedback, answer questions, and resolve issues. You can also hire an eBay product listing VA with a creative background so they can improve your product descriptions or product photos.

Here’s a list of tasks you can delegate to an eBay virtual assistant.

  • Customer Service or Customer Support

A good eBay seller knows that customer satisfaction is one of the best ways to improve customer retention and encourage word-of-mouth marketing. A customer support virtual assistant can help you boost customer satisfaction by ensuring that your customer’s journey is pleasant from start to finish. They can respond to customer inquiries, monitor feedback, resolve complaints, and more. Check out this page for more information about what a Customer Support Virtual Assistant can do.

  • Product Listing Management

It’s important to make sure that your product listings are constantly updated. This helps your listings match your stocks. eBay listing experts can upload, edit, and remove product listings from your store to maintain accuracy.

  • Product Listing Optimization

It’s not just about having the correct products listed in your store; it’s also about ensuring that your product listings appeal to potential customers. An eBay VA specializing in product listing optimization can work on keyword enrichment, product image and video production or editing, and product description enhancement.

  • Order, Inventory, and Fulfillment Management

An eBay VA can work on ensuring that all orders are processed promptly. Their tasks include processing orders if manual intervention is needed, managing order cancellations, processing order returns and refunds, and keeping track of inventory, so your in-demand products don’t run out of stock.

  • Product Research and Product Sourcing

Your eBay seller VA can work on product research and sourcing initiatives that can help increase your profit margins. Their tasks can include researching what products are in high demand to looking for high-quality product suppliers with the best prices.

  • Market and Competitor Research

Aside from researching what products to add to your store, your VA can also do market and competitor research to help ensure that your store stays ahead of the competition. Knowing what your target market demands and what your competitors are doing can help you do this. Your VA can do the research and compile the data in a concise document so you can decide what tactics to implement to boost your store’s sales and reputation.

  • Branding and Marketing

Product listings are not the only thing that can use a creative VA’s touch. You can also hire creative and technical experts to work on your company branding and marketing efforts. This includes content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, online advertising, website or online store development, and many more.

Most eBay sellers start with hiring one VA then add more people to their VA team to handle other tasks as their business grows. If you’re just getting started, figure out what tasks you want or need to delegate ASAP, and hire a VA who specializes in those tasks first.

As your business grows, you can then start adding more VAs to your team. This would allow each of your VAs to focus on their specific roles and functions, increasing their productivity and improving your workplace efficiency. This is one of the top perks of building a team of VAs versus hiring full-time workers locally. With VAs, it’s easy to scale your business by hiring only for the tasks and hours you need.

How to Hire an eBay VA?


Hiring a remote eBay worker is not easy. With all the different options nowadays, from Facebook and LinkedIn job postings to online freelancer platforms, finding someone who’s reliable, trained, and trustworthy can be challenging. That’s why we highly recommend working with a trusted virtual staffing company like 20four7VA.

At 20four7VA, all eBay VAs are screened, vetted, and trained before being endorsed to clients, so you know that they already have a good understanding of how the eBay platform works. To hire a VA from us, all you need to do is fill out our pre-consultation call form (link to the form below), jump on a quick consultation with us so we can assess your needs, and wait for us to send you some VA candidates to interview. For the rest of the process, including the actual interviews, onboarding, and VA monitoring, you’ll also have dedicated client success managers to guide you with every step.

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