What To Look For in a Podcasting Virtual Assistant

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What To Look For in a Podcasting Virtual Assistant

Podcasting has become a game-changer in the way people consume content. If you want to reach a niche audience and have less competition than other common types of online media (e.g. blogs or social media), producing podcasts is the way to go! With an increasing audience, podcasting is definitely a promising industry. Like any other line of business, you need help to prepare, launch, and maintain a show — you need a reliable podcast assistant to help you hit the ground running and grow your craft.

What Makes Podcasting a Worthwhile Endeavor

But, why should you even consider podcasting, let alone take it so seriously as to hire an assistant?

Statistics published about the podcasting industry indicate that in 2006, a mere 22% of consumers knew about podcasting. This number ballooned to 70% by 2019. According to experts, the number of US podcast listeners is expected to rise to 132 million in two years.

podcast listeners in the US

This goes to show that podcasting isn’t just a passing trend. If you are still on the fence about the value of podcasts, it pays to know their profound influence on today’s culture. 

Just take a look at these major brands that have integrated podcasting into their business:

  • Shopify. Thank God It’s Monday – isn’t something that people say or resonate with. But when Shopify launched its podcast of the same title in 2016, the brand had a crystal clear view of its target audience. Aimed at ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs, Thank God It’s Monday has grown into episode after episode of a masterclass where successful entrepreneurs convene and share their insights, stories, and expertise. 
  • HubSpot. Starting a business is one thing, succeeding at it is another. As marketing specialists, HubSpot knows this fact all too well. The company launched The Growth Show to discuss how people and companies grow a business, movement, or idea. Available in Shopify, Apple, and iHeart Radio, HubSpot has amassed over 1.5 million downloads over the years.
  • Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s may have humble beginnings, but the brand has since grown into a national company employing thousands of members. According to Trader Joe’s, its secret to success lies in the company’s ability to be comfortable being different. The company’s podcast, Inside Trader Joe’s, is perhaps evidence of that. The show explores different topics ranging from business decisions to consumer questions. Inside Trader Joe’s is available on different platforms, including iTunes where it ranked fifth. 

Consumers may skip YouTube ads, but these same consumers are willing to listen to and watch podcasts. It comes as no surprise that popular brands are producing their own shows. It’s time to launch your own channel, record your episodes, and create waves in your industry.

To do all that, you need a podcasting virtual assistant.


10 Things to Look For When Hiring a Podcast Virtual Assistant

A competent virtual assistant boosts your content so that an otherwise humdrum show turns into an engaging one. They can make your podcasting experience exciting and lucrative when it can quickly go overwhelming. 

How do you know a VA is a right fit for the job? Here are 10 things to look for when hiring a podcast virtual assistant:

10 Things to Look For When Hiring a Podcast Virtual Assistant

  1. Support from a virtual staffing company. Hiring remote help is ideal for businesses. For one thing, virtual assistance can reduce overheads. For another, it lets businesses find and work with talented people from all over the world minus the work and costs that come with relocation. However, hiring a VA also entails some groundwork that can be tricky and grueling if you don’t partner with staffing experts. To outsource podcasting effectively, you need to work with staffing agencies that can hook you up with a competent VA.
    Find a company that provides a full-service staffing solution that encompasses hiring and recruitment, training, and virtual assistant management. Partnering with agencies like this means that you get to have a comprehensive support system for your virtual staff. What’s more, you can be sure that the VA is competent and well-suited for the job when they have already been pre-screened and trained by the staffing company. 
  2. Research and fact-checking competency. Behind every good podcast are hours of research and fact-checking. With search engines and social media at their fingertips, listeners can easily find out when something is true and quickly blast your podcast if you say something that isn’t factual.
    You need a VA who can extensively research a subject, find credible sources, and double-check every fact and figure you share in your shows. A meaty, factual podcast is key to establishing your authority in your niche. 
  3. Content creativity. Sticking to one’s niche is one way to stay consistent and relevant. After some time, however, it can be tough to stay creative. The best way to get yourself out of a rut, or entirely avoid one, is to work with a content creator.
    Find a podcast VA with who you can brainstorm and run ideas. Your VA can have a specialization in writing or media creation. They should have a good understanding of your industry or can quickly learn its workings. 
  4. Writing and editing proficiency. You can organize ideas, stay on track, and tackle subjects more thoroughly if you work from a script whether you read it or use a guide. To ensure you get points across, you need the help of a writing specialist.
    Look for a VA who has a way with words. Listeners can learn better and be more enticed to tune in to your shows when you can paint a picture with words. If you choose to write your own scripts, find a podcast editor who will proofread and fine-tune them for you. 
  5. Organization and communication skills. From mapping out a content calendar to sourcing and contacting guests, organization and communication are essential in podcasting. Work with someone who is adept at both written and oral communication and has a proven system for organizing. 
  6. Digital marketing know-how. Production is just the first part of podcasting. After you’ve recorded and edited your episodes comes to another important task: marketing. No matter how engaging and informative your show may be, it still needs proper promotion to succeed.
    That is why it’s important to work with a VA with digital marketing knowledge and proficiency. Digital marketing may be a vast and ever-changing field, but your VA must be adept at creating social media stories or sending emails, and publishing blog posts to entice and inform your target audience.
  7. Analytical capability. It’s not enough to record and publish episodes. For your podcast to take off, you also need to know what works and what doesn’t. What kind of topics do your listeners prefer? What episodes resonated well with the audience?
    Most podcast hosting websites come with analytics tools. You need one who can read reports and interpret the numbers for you.
  8. Technical and editing skills. Editing out background noise, fixing sound glitches, enhancing audio and video quality — these are just some of the technical side of podcasting. It pays to have a podcasting virtual assistant that has proper training and relevant experience when it comes to podcast editing, launch, and maintenance. 
  9. Strategy. Podcasts are an effective medium for business. You can build rapport with your target customers, highlight the strengths of your products, and connect with industry leaders or investors through effective podcasting.
    Just like other business media, it must be done with a game plan. How can you integrate podcasting into your brand? What episodes work best with a certain audience? How can you boost your listeners? Hire a virtual assistant who has a knack for what the audience wants and an eye for branding. 
  10. Access to or knowledge of podcasting tools. While people prefer raw content in social media stories (think behind-the-scene takes recordings from a mobile phone), narratives come across differently when the right tools are used.
    This is especially true with podcasts, where episodes usually run for 20 minutes. Having clear audio and high-def video wins over an audience and keeps them coming back. Make sure to find a podcasting assistant who knows the best tools that suit your needs and budget.

Like many brands, you can also use podcasting to your advantage. Stick to your brand identity and know what constitutes a good assistant to help you with your craft. 

Start strong, manage, and grow your own show with a podcast production virtual assistant.

We can help you find the perfect podcast virtual assistant! Just click here to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation call with us, and we’ll help you find a podcast VA that perfectly suits your needs.


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