Tips on Recording Podcasts to Ensure Accurate Transcriptions

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Tips on Recording Podcasts to Ensure Accurate Transcriptions

Podcasts are more than just an online business marketing tactic. Yes, they help establish your brand as an industry expert, but more than that, they offer you the chance to build personal connections with your audience. By sharing insights and tips in an entertaining way, you also nurture trust. Lastly, podcasts can be monetized in various ways: ads and sponsorships, membership or subscription models, or direct support from followers through websites like Patreon.

Starting your own podcast may seem intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple. Using your phone, you can record interviews or conversations. Upload it on iTunes and wait for listeners to start tuning in. Of course, audio quality wouldn’t be as good as when you’re using high-quality equipment, but it’s a start. Many podcasters launched their shows with a very simple setup and gradually invested in more professional tools.

Once you’re producing podcasts, you might want to consider making transcripts to add to your website or blog content. Doing this allows search engines to index your podcast transcripts giving you a better SERP (search engine results page) ranking. However, transcribing can be tough and time-consuming. It would definitely be more efficient if you hire a virtual assistant to do this task for you.

Whether you’re personally in charge of transcriptions or you have a virtual assistant to help you, here are a few tips on recording podcasts to make transcribing easier and faster.

  1. Ensuring low background noise

If you don’t have the budget for high-quality recording equipment yet, the least you can do is make sure you’re doing the podcast in a location where there is minimal background noise. The sound of machinery, traffic, or other people can be distracting. Moreover, when it overlaps with your or your guest’s voice, it will be hard to understand what the speaker is saying.

  1. Investing in professional equipment

You don’t have to buy all the recording equipment you need in one go; you can start with a good microphone that can do an excellent job at clearly capturing voice. From there, you can slowly build a personal recording studio. Supreme audio quality won’t only benefit the person transcribing your podcast; it will have an effect on your listenership as well.

  1. Orienting your guests

Make sure to brief your guests before starting your podcast. Prepare an outline or a list of questions for them to avoid “dead air” or long pauses; this will minimize the editing you have to do later on. Also, ensure that there is enough pause between their answer and your next question so that your voices won’t overlap.

It is also necessary to test voice levels to ensure that voices do not distort. This allows the guest to make certain adjustments prior to recording — for instance, those with softer voices can be advised to speak louder so that it won’t sound like they’re mumbling.

Audio quality has a significant impact on the accuracy of transcriptions. Make sure to take note of these tips so you can deliver superb content to your listeners and readers.


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