5 Reasons Why UX Matters

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UX or User Experience is essential for a business’ growth and success. Without providing a positive experience for your customers, your business will not prosper. To understand why a business should not take user experience granted, here are 5 undeniable reasons why UX matters.

Market growth

UX is valuable in attracting audience. If your website or product looks attractive, it would definitely boost the number of visitors to your site. What’s even more important is how your website answers the user’s needs. Your website may look good, but if it loads too slowly or if it takes a user too many clicks to purchase one of your items, your visitor won’t bother coming back or checking out the rest of your site. This is an obvious example of bad UX that will push potential customers away. You should make sure that your website is designed to meet the customer’s needs, and that everything helps the customer have a better experience. If you want to boost brand awareness, make sure you make things easy for your customers.

Customer conversions

Having a user-friendly interface will greatly help in improving UX. Your business is expected to receive positive returns once a smooth flow has been established. If your website is easy to navigate, you can expect conversions that will push your business to the next level. Potential customers are more likely to be converted to real customers if they’re satisfied with how they can interact with your website.

Brand Loyalty

When a customer has a positive first-time experience with your website, they are more likely to return to your site and continue buying your products. So with good UX, you can boost customer loyalty. Satisfied customers will become loyal to your brand, to your product and to your business. This ensures that you will have regular customers who will bring in consistent income to the business.

Personal recommendation

This is another byproduct of a good UX. Personal recommendation is so influential and important that no amount of money can buy it. Testimonials from current customers who are happy with the product, the services, and the whole journey can pull in a lot of new customers to your product or service. When they share their experiences and feedback to their friends and relatives, there’s a big chance that their friends and relatives will patronize your business too. Word of mouth is the best type of marketing because it’s basically firsthand information coming from friends and family that they can trust — and it’s free for your business.

Improved ROI

A boost in return on investment (ROI) is guaranteed to happen once good UX is achieved. Impressive UX brings in new customers, it boosts customer loyalty. And because they had a memorable experience with you, they’d be happy to share this with their peers (potential customers) who are willing to give your product a look. What’s great about this is that it’s a continuous cycle that helps with business growth and success.

The important thing to remember is to focus on making the customer’s journey a memorable and pleasant one. Ensure that every need of the user is met. Once this is accomplished with the help of your competent staff, expect a rise in conversions.

Staffing will be critical for this endeavor. If you’re not particularly experienced with UX, you can hire UX designers and UX consultants from staffing agencies and virtual assistant companies to help you out. You will definitely need a specific skill set from professionals who will run your UX design campaign and ensure your business provides a positive and memorable UX.

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