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Enhance your Fulfillment by Amazon process and scale your eCommerce business fast with help from an Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant!

Amazon FBA (or Fulfillment by Amazon) is a service offered by the eCommerce giant that can greatly smoothen out business operations. When a business goes into their seller central account and enrolls in Amazon’s fulfillment services through FBA, they get to hand over practically their entire fulfillment process. Fulfillment by Amazon FBA handles warehousing, ships your products for you, and even takes care of a bit of customer service via handling returns and refunds. This way, selling on Amazon becomes easier for businesses. Your products on FBA even get to be eligible for free shipping under Amazon Prime!

On the surface, Amazon FBA sounds easy. Outsourcing to Amazon fulfillment centers gives Amazon sellers access to one of the most dynamic fulfillment networks in the world, thereby elevating your Amazon business when you subscribe to FBA. However, FBA being a robust service also means that to truly maximize it, you still need to pay attention to your listings that go through it. This is how hiring an FBA virtual assistant can come in handy.

What is an Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant?

An Amazon FBA virtual assistant (VA) can help you maximize your subscription to Amazon’s top-notch fulfillment services. They are a kind of Amazon seller virtual assistant that can specifically handle the role of an Amazon fulfillment associate in the context of FBA. This way, you can maximize the money you spend on Amazon FBA.

An Amazon FBA virtual assistant, for example, can keep track of the inventory you send over to Amazon, and make sure that the items move at a good pace. They can also recommend what should be under FBA and what should not, based on product cost and corresponding FBA fees. They can also be on top of your Amazon FBA payment, and make sure your operations as an FBA business continue to run smoothly.

What Kinds of Tasks Can My Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant Do?


Amazon FBA virtual assistants can help with more than just sending your products to Amazon. Here are just some of the tasks they can offload from you so that you can continue concentrating on growing your business:

  • Research

Whether it is product research, trend research, or keyword research, an Amazon FBA VA can handle it. They can even crawl through social media posts for product trends and general feedback on your products and store. Doing these kinds of research can help them formulate plans and maximize the money you have to spend to put your product on Amazon.

  • Optimize Amazon listings

Based on their research, your Amazon FBA VA can write efficient product descriptions that will both maximize your SERPs results and be enticing enough to convince your potential customers.

  • Item bundling

One problem FBA sellers may encounter is having to compete against numerous similar listings. Item bundling can help differentiate your offerings. Your Amazon FBA virtual assistant can take care of thinking of the best bundles that will win most hearts but still bring you a decent profit.

  • Inventory tracking

Amazon FBA uses stickerless inventory, which means that they group all units of the same item together. While this makes inventory move more efficiently overall, sometimes it can lead to problems, like a counterfeit getting sent to one of your customers instead of one of your own good quality original product. Your Amazon FBA assistant can keep an eye on stuff like this so that you don’t get falsely associated with other sellers’ subpar products.

  • Inventory optimization

Amazon has a lot of interesting and useful features that can help you really maximize your inventory. Just last August 2020, for example, they introduced an Inventory Performance Index (IPI), which helps you determine your inventory performance and improve your sell-through rate. Your Amazon FBA VA can watch these metrics and make sure that you have a good IPI score. They can be the ones to try out Amazon’s tips to improve and record performance of using each piece of advice Amazon gives you so that you don’t just blindly do everything the site says.

  • Product sourcing

An Amazon virtual assistant can help you look for the best, bang-for-buck supply sources. They can do the tedious task of initial desk research and basic checks for legitimacy, as well as come up with price comparison charts. This way, all you have to do is look into the shortlist they create for you and decide from there, instead of a list of dozens of suppliers.

What Skills and Qualifications Does My Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant Need to Have?

  • Familiar with online analytics

Your FBA VA has to do a lot of research and optimization, so it is very important that they know how to deal with basic online analytics like Keyword and SEO research. 

  • Good communication skills

Since your Amazon FBA virtual assistant will be expected to interface with you, your team, and even sometimes your customers, they should be able to communicate well. This means that they should be able to not just clearly convey ideas, but they should also be able to do this in an agreeable manner.

  • Attention to detail

Amazon FBA virtual assistants have to deal with a lot of minutiae to properly keep track of inventory. It’s important that they are the type to not overlook small details so that they don’t drop the ball.

How Can I Hire an Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant?

Amazon FBA is constantly changing. Staying on top of all the changes that happen within the platform can be time-consuming and can easily get in the way of you handling the parts of your business that only you can handle — like business development. Hiring a virtual assistant can really help, but sometimes the idea of it can be overwhelming. So, when you feel like you need a little bit of help to hire a VA, get in touch with companies like 20four7VA.

20four7VA searches worldwide for appropriate VA candidates and handles the shortlisting for you. This way, you only need to interview the very best applicants, instead of wasting your time looking through applications that are obviously not a good fit. After you choose the VA that best suits your business, 20four7VA continues to help you by assisting in onboarding and monitoring your VA. You can always schedule a hassle-free, no-obligation pre-consultation call to find out if we’d be a good fit for you.

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