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What is Website Development?


Website development or web development refers to the creation of websites, landing pages, eCommerce sites or online stores, and other types of online pages. For businesses, having a website is one of the most important first steps in building their brand and expanding their online presence.

A company website is a very powerful branding, marketing, and sales tool. Any business owner who wants their business to reach a wider audience needs to create a website where potential and existing customers and clients can learn more about a company and their product or service.

Your company website should be dynamic and informative to ensure that it will be indexed by search engines. It needs to have an aesthetically pleasing web design and an easy to navigate user interface so your users will enjoy browsing through it. Lastly, it needs to have updated and engaging content and blog posts to help you build brand credibility. But before everything else, you need to set up and develop the website first.

While there are many do-it-yourself website creation tools online, having a dedicated web development expert is still advisable if you want a website that is customized to meet your company’s needs.

What is a Website Developer Virtual Assistant?


Having a website developer on your team is very useful, but hiring a full-time, in-house developer can be pricey. Most startups can’t afford one, and even some long-time businesses don’t have the budget for a web development team. Good thing you can hire a virtual assistant for website design and development.

A website developer virtual assistant, or website developer VA, is a remote worker who specializes in creating websites for various purposes. Website developer VAs have varying levels of expertise. Some entry-level web developer VAs can only work on the front-end side of your website; this requires knowledge of style sheets such as HTML and CSS. Others can only create websites using website designers such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, but can’t code a website from scratch.

Intermediate to advanced level website developers on the other hand can do all those things above plus develop custom websites with various functionalities from scratch. These include memberships and logins, eCommerce functionalities, security features, content management systems (CMS), and a whole lot more.

What Tasks Can a Website Developer VA Do?


Website development is a very broad field, so it can be difficult to list down every single task that website developer VAs can do. However, to give you an idea of what you can assign to a virtual assistant web developer, here are some common website developer VA tasks:

  • Domain and Hosting Setup
  • Domain and Hosting Transfers
  • Static Website and Blog Setup
  • Landing Page and Opt-In Page Creation
  • eCommerce Website Setup
  • Website Development Using Website Builders
  • Custom Website Development
  • Web Apps
  • Membership Site Development
  • Website Maintenance and Debugging
  • Website Transfers
  • Server Setup and Maintenance

Different companies require different features for their websites. The more features you need and the more complex those features are, the more you need a web developer VA or a team of web developer VAs to help you out.

The great thing about using a virtual assistant for web development is that it allows you to tailor your team depending on the skill sets you need. You can hire various people with different skills sets to build a solid web development team, and easily adjust your team’s hours depending on your current needs. This is definitely a cost-effective way to build an amazing website.

How to Hire a Website Developer VA

Since website development is a specialized job, most business owners and hiring managers find it tricky to create a comprehensive job description when they’re looking for a website development VA. The best way to work around this is to get hiring help from an established virtual assistant hiring company like 20four7VA.

At 20four7VA, we work with clients to craft a job description that fits their requirements to a tee. All you have to do is make a list of all the tasks, apps, tools, and software that you think are relevant to the job. Once you have the list prepared, you can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation call with us to finalize your job description or ask for help in defining the tasks that you will assign to your future VA.

Once the JD is final, we’ll go through our VA database and find a couple of VAs that we think match your JD. We’ll help you interview the candidates and onboard your chosen VA too, so you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty of hiring a web developer VA.

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