Virtual Travel Assistant

Virtual Travel Assistant

Make travel more convenient and enjoyable with a Virtual Travel Assistant.

Hire a Virtual Travel Assistant

These days, everyone is on the move. People around the world travel for different motives, from visiting family to exploring other cultures. There are plenty of reasons why individuals leave the comfort of their homes and visit various cities or countries.

Travel is crucial for business, too. Business owners and leaders often travel the world for growth. Whether they attend a conference or go on a sales call, travel allows professionals to close more deals, improve their operations, and, ultimately, achieve success.

But traveling can also be quite hectic. Not everyone has the time, skills, or patience to take care of everything that goes into a successful trip. Cue: a virtual travel assistant.

What is a Virtual Travel Assistant?

A virtual travel assistant is a remote worker who provides travel-related assistance to clients. These highly organized and travel-savvy virtual assistants (VAs) help clients with tasks like booking flights, coordinating hotel reservations, visa processing assistance, and more.

Who Should Hire a Virtual Travel Assistant?

The following can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant for travel:

  • Business executives or owners: Busy executives are on the go, frequently traveling for meetings, conferences, and other business trips. A VA can offer their services to ensure all travel needs are covered so that clients can focus on their executive responsibilities.
  • Organizations with frequent travel requirements: Companies with employees that travel frequently can also benefit from hiring a travel VA. A virtual assistant can help these businesses save money by planning and booking the most efficient itineraries to help save time and resources.
  • Travel agencies: Hiring virtual assistants is great move for travel agencies. Not only can they help travel agents with travel management tasks, they can also improve customer experience. VAs can provide top-tier customer service support to assist clients with any question or concerns they have before and during their travels.
  • Content creators: A travel agent virtual assistant helps content creators produce refreshing and relevant content for their platform. Travel vloggers and influencers can hire a travel VA to research travel destinations to craft itineraries that will best highlight the top spots and must-see locations.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Travel Assistant

Left: benefits of hiring a virtual travel assistant Right: Virtual travel assistant holding up a card

A virtual assistant for travel agent companies or executives can offer plenty of benefits, including saving time, resources, and energy. These VAs can handle travel-related tasks, taking the burden and stress off their clients.

Delegate Burdensome Routine Tasks

With a virtual assistant travel planning, hotel bookings, and other routine travel-related tasks can be checked off a client’s list. This opens up more time to focus on the purpose of the trip, whether it’s closing a deal, spending time with loved ones, or simply exploring what the world has to offer.

Improve Customer Experience

Travel agencies can work with virtual assistants to boost customer satisfaction. Travel VAs can skillfully answer customers’ questions and concerns.

Avoid Delays or Missed Connections

A virtual assistant will be able to map out the trip through a carefully crafted itinerary to help clients avoid getting lost or left behind. They’ll provide the necessary information to guide their clients as if they’re right beside them during the trips. They’ll create easy-to-understand itineraries and even allot allowances for potential time-consuming parts of travel like immigration clearance and heavy traffic.

Optimize Resources

A travel planning virtual assistant can also help clients save money. They can research and compare ticket prices. And for group bookings, they can even negotiate discounted rates from vendors.

These expert VAs can also look into travel destinations to learn more about the average prices of transportation, hotels, and other travel-related expenses. By doing so, they can easily customize travel itineraries based on a client’s budget, whether they’re looking for something budget-friendly or high-end.

Tasks Travel Virtual Assistant Can Do


A capable virtual travel assistant will be able to handle any travel-related task, from planning to bookkeeping. Here are some examples of responsibilities that a travel VA can do:

Travel Planning and Research

  • Itinerary creation
  • Travel destination research
  • Price monitoring
  • Tour package creation

Booking and Coordination

  • Flight booking management
  • Accommodation reservations
  • Visa processing
  • Handling reservations

Back-end Support

  • Customer service support
  • Feedback management
  • Vendor database management
  • Billing and settlement
  • Bookkeeping

And more!

Skills and Qualities to Look For

Here are some of the top skills and qualities of a top-notch virtual travel assistant:

Highly-organized and Detail-oriented

A lot can go wrong when creating a travel itinerary. A late arrival can mean missing a connecting flight or getting left by the bus, ultimately derailing what would’ve been a nice trip. A VA must be meticulous and organized to ensure clients can safely arrive at (and return from!) their destination without hassle.

Attention to detail is also a must when making reservations, as clients may have sensitivities or non-negotiables when traveling. A VA must understand these needs and incorporate them when planning an itinerary.

Excellent Communication Skills

Because they’ll spend most of their time coordinating flights, booking hotel reservations, and dealing with customers, a travel VA must have excellent communication skills. They should be able to effectively communicate their client’s requirements and coordinate with vendors to make them happen. At the same time, they should also be able to listen and understand directions effectively in order to relay them well.

Industry Experience

Someone with experience in the travel industry is a great travel virtual assistant. They have the existing knowledge and skills to help them perform well in this role and add more value to their clients.

Interest in Culture and Travel

While it’s not necessarily a technical requirement, a strong interest in traveling will be useful for a travel remote assistant. Genuine curiosity and appreciation of other cultures and what other countries have to offer help create better travel itineraries and diverse options for clients. This passion and enthusiasm will also help them relate better to their clients, potentially allowing for a deeper and more positive working relationship.

Hire a Travel Virtual Assistant with 20four7VA

If you’re looking for a travel VA, you can go through various channels and VA platforms. However, working with a reputable remote staffing company is an excellent choice if you want cost-effective end-to-end solutions. We’ll scour our vast global talent pool of pre-vetted remote talents to help you find the most suitable travel virtual assistant for you.

Our team at 20four7VA doesn’t just stop at matching you with top-notch VAs. We can also assist with training and guiding them. Our end-to-end solutions make remote staffing that much more effective and convenient for you! Our capable and dedicated team will aid you with everything, from VA training and performance management to payroll processing and IT Helpdesk support.

So, if you’re ready to hire your very own travel virtual assistant, let 20four7VA help!

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