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What is a Rakuten Virtual Assistant


Each eCommerce platform has its strengths and weaknesses and, therefore, a particular way to navigate and maximize each platform is needed. While it’s easy to think that success in Amazon will translate into success in Rakuten, you will find that the metrics just aren’t apples to apples. Fundamentally, they function differently and finding ways to make that difference work for you instead of against you can be challenging.

This is where hiring a Rakuten Virtual Assistant (VA) can come in handy. From setting up your Rakuten account all the way to managing your products, a Rakuten marketplace virtual assistant can help you stay on top of the eCommerce platform. With a Rakuten global marketplace virtual assistant, you can maximize the tools Rakuten offers merchants like your personalized storefront and the various loyalty programs you can use.

You may be wondering why you should hire a virtual Rakuten account specialist instead of just hiring a regular physical employee to report to work. This is because hiring a virtual assistant means you can access a wider talent pool at a fraction of the cost. With a VA, you can hire top-notch talent from anywhere in the world, which means that you have more options and can look for a better fit for your needs. There are also no associated physical costs when hiring a VA — no office space rent, office equipment, insurance, or transportation to think about. All in all, hiring a VA just provides a better bang for your buck.


What Tasks Can a Rakuten Virtual Assistant Do?

A Rakuten Virtual Assistant can help you with all the minutiae involved in selling on Rakuten, including:

  • Creating and managing your Rakuten account

Whether you want to sell on Rakuten Global or Rakuten Japan, setting up your account and waiting for verification can take time and effort. Your Rakuten VA can gather the necessary documents and do the required follow-up for you. They can also handle your store and communicate with a customer service representative for you.

  • Managing inventory

Your Rakuten VA can keep track of your various products’ inventory and make sure that they are moving at a healthy pace. They can also recommend stocking adjustments based on product performance.

  • Managing your storefront

Rakuten offers a lot of freedom with regard to store image, which can be beneficial in acquiring new customers and retaining brand loyalty. A good Rakuten VA can help you manage your digital storefront to be attractive and informative.

  • Managing product listings

One thing that’s present in all eCommerce platforms is the need to create product listings that not only appeal to consumers but hit SEO metrics as well. Your Rakuten assistant will be able to check on this and make sure you are discoverable to potential customers.

  • Customer service

After-sales is an integral part of maintaining your brand. Your Rakuten VA can help you stay on top of questions and follow-ups so that all your potential and actual customers remain happy and continue to buy from you.

What Skills and Qualifications Does a Rakuten Virtual Assistant Need To Have?

  • Organized and meticulous

Any eCommerce VA must be alert to even the tiniest details and be systematic in its record-keeping. This is not only to maximize their performance. It’s also for you, as the business owner, to be able to check-in and make adjustments easily.

  • Good communication skills

Your Rakuten VA should be able to communicate well with you, your team, and your customers. It is imperative that they can express themselves concisely and politely to anyone.

  • Familiar with graphic design

With your storefront and product listings handed over to your Rakuten VA’s care, it’s important that they have a good sense of aesthetics and can do basic edits for marketing materials.

  • Proficient in written and oral Japanese

While Rakuten is now a global brand, you will need a VA skilled in the Japanese language to be able to handle some of the core services of the platform, such as customer support, page maintenance, marketing campaigns, managing the shop interface, and order & return management. Finding a VA with JLPT level 1 or 2 proficiency is ideal.

How Do I Hire a Rakuten Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant is rewarding in the long term, but can be daunting in the short term. Having a worldwide talent pool is great, but it also means that you have to spend several hours going through resumes and interviewing candidates. Engaging the help of experienced virtual staffing companies like 20four7VA can get rid of this inconvenience for you.

20four7VA can sift through numerous candidates and only present the best and most qualified for you to interview. They also help you onboard your VA to your team, and can help you monitor your VA’s performance. All you need to start is to schedule a no-obligation consultation call, and you’ll be well on your way to getting the best Rakuten virtual assistant for your business.

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