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What is a Product Designer Virtual Assistant?


Internet or web-based marketplaces offer an excellent opportunity to boost brand and product reach for businesses. However, this same opportunity comes with its own difficulties. One problem many companies struggle with is how to stand out to their potential customers. There is a practically limitless range of products available online, which means that your product may often appear right beside similar products. This, of course, translates to increasingly stiff competition.

Of course, you may offer better product quality, a faster turnaround time, or more efficient customer service. But faced with hundreds of similar products, customers may never even get to the point of discovering this. In cases like this, one of the best ways to come out above your competitors is to be visually unique and appealing.

According to Global Business Hub, “the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.” This means that excellent visual design can really make a strong impact on the minds of customers.

Hiring a freelance product designer or a product designer virtual assistant (VA) can help you out with this. They can help you style your products as well as your product listings to make them more appealing and stand out from the rest. A freelance product packaging designer can work on making designs for your product with strong sensory experiences whether you’re aiming for quirky, premium, or classic. A product listing designer meanwhile can help you maximize what your products look like on any web marketplace, emphasizing just the right details to get customers to go to you instead of other brands.

Between getting a local employee or a product designer virtual assistant, hiring a VA can really help you cut down on costs. When you hire a VA instead of an in-office employee, you don’t need to pay for peripheral costs like office space, equipment, and employee insurance. Hiring a VA also allows you to access a wider pool of candidates, instead of limiting you to looking for an employee within a small geographical area accessible to you.

What Kinds of Tasks Can a Product Designer Virtual Assistant Do?


A product designer virtual assistant can help you with many design facets of your online business. These professionals create informed, relevant, highly appealing designs that are meant to capture your target customers’ attention. They can combine practicality with beauty to achieve the best, most attractive designs for your products. Here are some of the things they can do for you:

  • Graphic design

Product designer VAs can help you create materials and collaterals to market your products. They can bring out the best in your actual product and highlight their best features in a beautiful, creative, visual manner.

  • Product packaging design

When necessary, you can find a product designer VA with packaging design experience, and they can maximize each customer’s experience receiving your product. Packaging isn’t purely visual; it takes into consideration the handling and overall feel of the packaging to bump your product’s perceived value.

  • Product listing design

Product designer VAs can create beautiful product listings that highlight your product’s unique selling points as well as the features most likely to engage consumers. They can organize your product image information in such a way that conveys just the right amount of information without overloading potential customers’ minds.

  • Competitor research

Your product designer VA can look into your competitors’ products and strategies and incorporate the best ones into your own product designs. They can also run experiments or trials to maximize the design changes they make and ensure that you’re keeping up-to-date on design trends.

What Skills and Qualifications Should I Look for in a Product Designer Virtual Assistant?


Your product designer virtual assistant will be an integral part of your business, so you should watch out for these qualities when looking for your product designer VA:

  • Excellent communication skills

Your product designer VA shouldn’t just have top-notch visual communication skills, they must also be adept at written and oral communication. Written communication is important so that they know how to reach customers effectively with the collaterals and listings they create. Oral communication is important so that they can fully understand you and the rest of your team, clearly convey their ideas and suggestions, and align their designs to your business goals.

  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinking

Sometimes, beautiful can be boring, and in a marketplace with hundreds of similar products, you need designs that will truly stand out. A product designer VA must be able to find ways to highlight uniqueness, not just follow whatever other people or brands are already doing.

  • A design portfolio and style that matches your brand aesthetic

While it’s possible for designers to change their style to better suit a brand, it is always best that their natural creativity is suited or in line with your brand’s. This way, they can be more comfortable with their canvas, and you as the business owner will also be more comfortable with anything they propose.

How Can I Hire a Product Designer Virtual Assistant?

While it’s clear how a product designer VA can help your business, actually finding one can seem challenging. Many business owners struggle with knowing where or how to get started, and even after they find a few candidates, the actual hiring and onboarding processes present a brand new struggle as well.

To make finding, hiring, onboarding, and monitoring your virtual assistant as easy as possible, it’s best to work with a trusted virtual staffing company like 20four7VA. By working with 20four7VA, you won’t need to sit down and sift through thousands of VA listings to search for one that fits your needs and requirements. 20four7VA can shortlist your potential product designer VAs for you so that all you’ll need to do is interview the candidates and pick the best one for you. 20four7VA will even help you onboard your VA, as well as monitor their performance, to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Ready to get started? You can embark on your journey to getting the perfect product designer VA by booking a no-obligation pre-consultation call, and take the next steps from there.

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