Company Restructuring Announcement

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To improve the experience of both our clients and VAs, 20Four7VA has established a centralized Operations Division.

Our centralized Operations Division will house our newly formed Customer Support Department which will be in charge of handling all immediate concerns and will act as the main point of contact for clients.

Benefits of a Centralized Operations Division and Customer Support Department

  • Clearer lines of communication – No more contacting different staff members for specific concerns. Just reach out to the Customer Support Department and they’ll take care of everything else needed to resolve your concern.
  • Faster response time – The Customer Support Department is available Monday-Friday from 8AM – 5PM EST. Rest assured that your message will be received immediately and the team will work fast to give you the assistance you need.
  • Fewer people between you and your VA – We value the privacy and security of your business. With a centralized Operations Division and a dedicated Customer Support Department, we’re reducing the number of people involved in your relationship with your VA.
  • Better monitoring of your VA – With a single bridge between you and your VA, we’re better equipped to monitor the performance of your VA.

How We’re Doing This

  1. New Operations Director
    Our new Operations Director, Jennifer Del Rosario is spearheading the newly formed Centralized Operations Division. She will be in charge of ensuring that all departments under her leadership (HR, Recruitment, IT, Customer Support, and Training) are functioning like a well-oiled machine.
  2. New Customer Support Department
    A new Customer Support Department, led by Leilani Evangelista, was created. This department will focus on VA quality, performance and attendance monitoring and ensure that all client concerns are addressed effectively and in a timely manner. POCs from the Training Department are now under the Customer Support Department.
  3. Restructured Training Department
    With POC duties out of the way, our Training and Development Department, headed by Felíx la Victoria, can now focus on virtual classroom training. This will ensure that all VAs are provided with top-notch training material needed to sharpen their skills and improve their service.
  4. Consolidated IT Department
    Our previously separate Operations IT and IT Development Departments are now working together to ensure that our website and service development efforts are aligned and with our users’ benefit in mind.
  5. Client Services Realignment
    The Client Services Division, headed by Czarina Espiritu, that previously handled many client concerns is now a stand-alone division focusing on sales and business development to ensure that we provide innovative programs and services that meet our clients’ needs.
  6. Restructured Recruitment & HR Department
    Catherine Castro will continue to lead the restructured Recruitment and HR Department. The restructuring helps us optimize the application and vetting process allowing us to widen our VA pool so that our clients will have more highly skilled candidates to choose from.

Important Information

Business Hours: 8AM – 5PM EST | Monday-Friday
Chat with us on Skype:
Email us: [email protected]
Call us: +1 (443) 856-4882 (USA) | +1 (877) 470-8047 (Toll Free – US & Canada Only)

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