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What happens after I submit my application form online?

After submitting the form online, you will automatically receive the 4 email tasks for completion.

What are the requirements needed to qualify?

To qualify, an applicant must have the following technical requirements:
-A laptop/desktop running on Windows 7, MAC OS/X or Linux Operating System with at least Intel Core i3 processor and at least 4GB RAM computer memory
-Primary and backup internet running on a 3Mbps plan or higher to get a download speed of at least 2Mbps
-USB Headset with Noise Cancellation Feature
-A quiet work environment

Why am I not receiving the email tasks?

Below are the possible factors as to why you are not receiving the email tasks:

  • You have not completely filled out the application form
  • The email tasks might have gone straight to your Promotions/Spam folder
  • The email address you’ve provided is incorrect
Is your company legit?

Will be updated shortly!

How long is the application process?

The regular application process takes 2-3 weeks depending on how soon you can complete all the requirements.

What is the application process?

20Four7VA application process:

  • Application Form Submission
  • Email Tasks Submission
  • Initial Interview
  • System Check
  • Final Interview
  • Training
  • Client Endorsement
Why am I having problems submitting the Application Form?

Here are the possible reasons as to why you’re receiving an error in submitting the form:

  • The attached documents in the form is in PDF, please take note that the form only accepts a DOC or DOCX file
  • A line item is not completely filled out
  • A line item is incorrectly filled out
  • Make sure you tick the box for “I agree to the 20Four7VA Application Form Terms and Conditions.”
How can I learn about open positions at 20Four7VA?

You can learn about our job openings by liking our Facebook Career Center page and watch out for our job posts daily.

How long is the turnaround time before I get hired by a client?

It depends on the VAs’ skill set and the client’s job requirements.

How do you determine my tier level?

The tier level is determined by the applicant’s skills, experiences and performance during the training.

What is Nesting (or Probationary) Period?

As soon as the VA begins rendering services to the client, the VA is automatically on probationary period or nesting.

The nesting period is a duration of time (typically between 2 weeks to a month or may be extended) in which the VA’s ability to meet performance levels will be observed and assessed. While on probation, the VA is under the direct supervision of the Training Team and a Nesting Point-of-Contact (POC) is assigned.

During this period, a VA is provided support in order to ensure that the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), targets and client expectations are being achieved and maintained. We also provide daily monitoring in order to ascertain that the VA abides by the policies set by the company, that the VA is compliant with his shift schedules and attendance, and that there are no observed attitudinal issues that may concern the client.

During nesting, we strive to cultivate in the VAs the values of working independently with minimal supervision, how to effectively manage time (productivity), and how to maintain control over his current projects/responsibilities. We also encourage them to proactively communicate with the client. This is to prepare them for their promotion out of the probationary period.

What is a Nesting POC?

A Nesting POC is a Trainer in 20Four7VA who is tasked to provide administrative, technical and task-related support to the VA to ensure proficiency, productivity, and compliance. The Nesting POC also provides coaching and performance improvement plans so that tasks are delivered properly.

Is the assigned Nesting POC always a trainer?


What does Promotion of Out of Nesting mean?

When a VA is promoted out of nesting or probation, the VA is understood to have been working proficiently enough that less supervision from the trainers is required.

Promotion out of nesting signifies that:

a. the VA is proficient at the tasks assigned

b. the KPIs/Targets are consistently met (or exceeded)

c. the VA is compliant with shift schedules and 20Four7VA policies

d. the VA is reliable and there are no attitudinal issues observed

e. the client and the VA have developed a good communication pattern

f. the VA is self-sufficient and can manage his productivity on his own

What is a Client Orientation Call?

A scheduled, mandatory call between the client and the VA, and facilitated by a trainer. This is where the client officially offloads the tasks that the VAs are expected to work on and sets their expectations.

Below are the discussion points included during the call:

  • Shift Days and Time
  • Tools that will be used by the VA
  • Systems connections (ex. set up of a virtual phone for inbound/outbound calls) and credentials needed by the VA
  • Preferred medium of communication
  • Preferred time keeping tool
  • Specific timelines and/or deadlines
  • Required End of Day Report
  • Trainings needed (if there are any)
  • Nesting period
  • Promotion out of nesting

For SMM,

Restrictions on the use of VA’s personal social media accounts when managing client’s SM accounts

I would like to increase my VA’s hours. Who do I contact about this?

You may direct your intent of increasing hours to the Nesting POC. The Nesting POC, in turn, will be the one to course your concern to the company.

What are the measures you are taking in order to maintain my VA’s task proficiency?

We do daily touch-base sessions with the VA in order to monitor performance. We do a review and audit of submitted reports and provide prompt feedback to the VA. Based on what will be observed during the review, we arrange coaching sessions with the VA in order to determine the challenges hindering him from performing effectively. We revisit his KPIs/targets and discuss what is being achieved, what are not met and what needs improvement. We also make sure that the VA’s commitment and values are in place. Additionally, we devise a performance improvement plan, continuously monitor VA progress, and report it back to the client.

My VA has long been promoted out of nesting, but his performance has declined for the past weeks. Can I re-enrol him back to Nesting?


Can I replace my VA if I find him incapable of performing the tasks I assigned him to do?

Yes, our client’s feedback is of the highest importance and if the client deems that the VA is not meeting their expectations, we can provide a replacement. Furthermore, we will conduct a deep-dive analysis of what has transpired over the nesting period concerning the VA in question and this shall be kept on record.

I cannot afford to have a VA absent even for a day. What are the processes you set in motion should my VA be absent?

Should the VA be absent and the client approves that the Nesting POC has authority to use VAs credentials, the Nesting POC can take over the VA’s task for the duration of the VA’s absence. We place this redundancy measure in order to maintain task continuity.

Do your agents have specialized skills? (Ex. cross-selling/up-selling, experience in digital marketing, experience in mobile marketing, etc.)

Yes, 20Four7VA has agents who have specialized skills. We need details of the job description so we can correctly match the VAs to your requirements. These VAs who have specialized skills like digital marketing, mobile marketing, and the like may not exactly be the customer VA and telemarketing VA you described you needed urgent.

On what basis do we get charged? (Hourly, daily, by full month, .etc)

You are charged based on the actual number of hours worked by the VA.
20Four7VA has existing packages per VA tier designation. A VA’s tier depends largely on his skills and experience.

What are their working hours? Is it fixed or set by clients?

Their work hours are set by clients.

That’s why this information is important prior to even promoting VAs to you (by sending you what we call their applicant packets). This is so we can also shortlist the candidates according to your work shift preference.

How do we monitor performance?

We can work on customizing a performance monitoring tool for your VAs. Examples are:

  1. The average handling time (AHT) that they must follow when on calls and
  2. Deals that they should close on a daily basis. We can design the tools based on the numbers that your current agents are at in terms of AHT and sales quota.

In addition, we can recommend a screen monitoring tool and a project management tool like Trello or Basecamp. We can definitely walk you through this process.

On top of these is our incredible training team that is willing to closely monitor your VA’s performance and progress to satisfy deliverables. There are individual POCs from both the Training Team and Client Services Team who have assigned VAs to look after. They stand as their supervisors for coaching, announcements and performance related meetings.

Our company has a system for attendance and productivity monitoring that has worked through the years. We can show them to you and briefly explain how each works. We use either Time Clock Wizard or ScreenMeter. We also have End-Of-Day reports that you receive in your email daily. We have Point-of-Contact (POC) monitoring, Skype bundy clock, and Skype team chat rooms as well.


How do we begin with training? And how would the process be like?

Once you select your VAs and are ready to hire them, we begin the Client On Boarding process. The Client Onboarding Process allows the Client and VA to connect in order to set expectations and what the responsibilities would be. Upon completing this, your VAs can commence with their tasks for you. Product-specific training sessions and task-driven training sessions are usually the goal during the first few days/weeks of the VA – the timeline depending on the extent of training needed.

In a nutshell, the process is:

Qualify – Promote – Select – Train

Please take note that the VAs who will be qualified have already gone through our eCommerce training program.

What are the requirements in order to start the VA hiring process?

We need a specific job description for each position so we can qualify VAs. We will promote VAs to you within 48 to 72 hours upon receipt of your job description.

Once you’ve selected the VAs, our requirements to fully onboard you as our client are:

  • A signed contract
  • One week prepayment and subscription activation, and
  • A scheduled Orientation Call with you and your new VAs, which will be facilitated by our trainers.
Do we get better rates if we were to commit long term?

We don’t offer long-term contract discounts. However, we provide a 10% discount on any additional VAs after your first full time VA.

What are your payment terms like?

Clients are usually billed weekly via PayPal subscriptions. We can however accommodate requests such as monthly payments. Your PayPal subscription will process weekly for your VA Tier level and hour-per-week combination.

The first payment under the newly activated PayPal subscription you process is the week prepay or a deposit as stated in the contract. This deposit is used on the VA’s last week upon notice of termination.

Once activated, the subscription will process weekly and should cover billed hours for the current week.

Client payments may also be accommodated through Square Up or bank transfers (only for US-based clients), whichever is available.

What happens if a particular agent’s performance is unsatisfactory? What form of security does the client have?

Our training team does the necessary coaching to avoid this. To prevent unsatisfactory results, please let us know if the VA’s learning curve and performance does not live up to your expectations. We will then spend time talking to and training your VA to make sure that they deliver.

If, however, a VA’s performance remains unsatisfactory, we will investigate and when necessary, suggest a replacement and come up with a transition plan to make sure the replacement VA is onboarded the soonest time possible. 20Four7VA will pay for the training of the replacement VA and the transition process.

During your on boarding with us, we can enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you for confidentiality.

In addition to the measures mentioned, we may issue refunds when a company’s operation gets disrupted and business goals are not met due to a VA’s unsatisfactory performance.

What languages are your agents able to converse in? Are they bilingual/multilingual? Any extra charges?

All our VAs are bilingual and show fluency and good command of the English language and are billed at our normal rates.

We have a few multilingual VAs (Spanish, English, and their native tongue) who we will need to know if available for full-time job as of the moment.

Yes, hiring multilingual VAs come with a higher than the usual rate.

How soon are we able to start if we provide you with the requirements needed?

We can streamline the process and have the VAs onboarded within 72 hours or 3 days (business days) from receipt of job description.

Normally, we need 48 to 72 hours upon receipt of the job description from you so we can pre-qualify and promote VA candidates.The rest of the process depends on you as we recommend you speak with them for an interview. If you have test tasks, you may conduct them. Historically, doing the interviews and conducting test tasks take about 1 to 3 days. Then, we wait for your decision, which may take about a day or two. At the very least, we say that if your selection process is stringent, it may take about at least 5 to 7 business days to finally get started with a VA.


Are you able to show us a demo of your existing system for performance monitoring (if you have)?

Please refer to our answer for question number 4. In addition, our training team will assist the client in setting the system up.

Is there anything that we have left out that may be essential in working together?

As we learn more and our trainers become more involved, we can address additional issues as they arise.

Do you recommend other services that is currently offered that may be a great fit for our requirements?

20Four7VA appreciates supporting your business as you get value for your money with us. Our rates are pretty much competitive and we definitely assure you of high-caliber virtual assistants and excellent customer service.

What is 20Four7VA? I’ve never heard of it!

20Four7VA, established on _______ by founder Tim vanVonno, is a virtual staffing company registered in the state of Maryland, USA.

We have a passion for helping people. We help clients offload time-sensitive, operational and administrative activities so they can focus on the more important aspects of their business such as management, setting direction and building strategies. In the same way, we love to help virtual assistants flourish in their career by pairing them with the right clients.

Why 20Four7VA ?

We have an end-to-end system that ensures a client is assisted at any given time.

The Recruitment Team adheres to a stringent hiring process. They implement a standardized series of tests to applicants to determine the quality of work the applicants are capable of. On top of these tests are systems checks, two sets of interviews, and credential evaluation.

The Training Team conducts training programs to those who pass the Recruitment Team’s screening process. The programs aim to gauge their learning curve, adaptability to a virtual work set up, and English communication skills including grammar and comprehension both written and oral. They are also responsible for up-training and refresher courses which may be free of charge.

Our Accounting Officer makes sure that billing transactions are swift and that accounts are current.

Our POCs ???

The Client Services Team ensures delivery of services both by the VA and by the company. They are on top of every client-related activity, and they go the extra mile when to make sure that clients receive excellent quality of service – nothing short of the best.

How do I start ?

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation call with Catherine here (hyperlink to website consultation).

What happens after the consultation call?

If you are ready to move forward with the process, you may start completing the Intake form we will send you. Once submitted, our team qualifies the VAs and sends you the candidate resumes and information after 48-72 business hours.

If you are not ready to move forward, we will keep your information on active file and will follow up with you and assist you once you are decided.

Do I pay before you to initiate the vetting process?


Why am I having problems submitting the Application Form?

Here are the possible reasons as to why you’re receiving an error in submitting the form:

  • The attached documents in the form are in PDF, please take note that the form only accepts a DOC or DOCX file
  • A line item is not completely filled out
  • A line item is incorrectly filled out
  • Make sure you tick the box for “I agree to the 20Four7VA Application Form Terms and Conditions.”
What is the application process?

20Four7VA application process:

  • Application Form Submission
  • Email Tasks Submission
  • Initial Interview
  • System Check
  • Final Interview
  • Training
  • Client Endorsement
Is it okay to change the passwords of my company accounts?

No, there’s no need to. Everyone has their own unique password already (passwords for webmail, Gmail, and skype are the same), so you don’t have to worry about security. Only Ops IT has access to your company accounts and does random checks from time to time if you have changed your passwords or not.

Is it okay to forward my emails from my webmail to my company Gmail?

No, setting up Google Mail Fetch and Alias is the best way to go. Forwarding emails from your webmail to your company Gmail will only cause accidents (e.g. sending an email from your company Gmail)

Does 20Four7VA have a shared license for Adobe programs and other paid apps?

No. Your client will give you access to the tools you need for you to accomplish your daily VA tasks. Should you be asked by your client to use a tool both of you don’t have access to, let your POC and/Ops IT know and they might be able to help.

Which should I use to communicate with the client and other VAs? Skype, webmail, Gmail?

Skype is our main tool for communication as it is very useful for catch ups and getting quicker responses. When sending emails, VAs must use their webmail. Their company Gmail’s sole purpose is file sharing only.

I want my VA to do community management and handle my company’s social media accounts. Can I just add my VA on my social media channels and make him/her an admin to do the job?

No. To protect the client, 20Four7VA and the VA, Ops IT will create pseudo social media accounts for the VA to use to perform his/her tasks.

Should I decide to let go of my VA, how can I be sure that all my info and files are safe?

As part of 20Four7VA’s offboarding process, we require our VAs to go thru what we call a system sweep. The system sweep is done by removing all client files from the VA’s computer, deleting the VA’s browsing history, and removing all the VA’s access to client files and accounts. All client files from the VA’s computer will be uploaded to the company Gdrive which can be shared and transferred to the client if he/she wants to.

What is 20four7VA?

20four7VA is a full-service staffing agency. This means that we oversee each step of the process and serve as an ever-present bridge between each VA-Client relationship.

How does your service work?

We offer a FREE VA-matching service. To start hiring a VA from us, just tell us what position you’re trying to fill and we’ll find you the best candidates, facilitate the hiring process including scheduling and interviews, and assist with onboarding your VA — and our support doesn’t stop once you hire.

After hiring a VA from us, we’ll assign you a dedicated Account Manager (AM) who can answer any questions and help resolve any issues you may have. Our service also includes payroll and even training services, so you have access to anything you could possibly need to grow and manage your remote workforce with us.

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