Boost your online arbitrage strategy and increase profits with an OAXRAY Virtual Assistant!

What is OAXRAY?

OAXRAY is a Google Chrome extension and online arbitrage tool that allows sellers on the Amazon marketplace to increase their profit by buying high ranking, low cost products from multiple online stores.

Sourcing products from websites is a time-consuming and tedious process that the OAXRAY tool simplifies. OAXRAY is able to scan hundreds of websites or pages simultaneously in a matter of minutes — a process that usually takes hours or even days when done manually. With OAXRAY, you can find the most sellable and profitable products for your Amazon store so much faster. This allows you to get the best deals and increase your profit margin in a highly efficient manner.

According to OAXRAY, their tool can be used for a wide variety of online tactical arbitrage tasks such as normal sourcing, power sourcing, clearance sourcing, sourcing products with no sellers on Amazon yet, finding shadow listings, and so much more.

What is an OAXRAY Virtual Assistant?


An OAXRAY virtual assistant (VA) is an online contractor that specializes in using OAXRAY to get you the top items that are selling on Amazon for a lower cost. These VAs have received OAXRAY training and are adept at utilizing various strategies to ensure that you’re getting the best deals and listing the most marketable products on your Amazon fulfilled or merchant fulfilled Amazon store.

Why an OAXRAY Virtual Assistant is Important

For a serious Amazon online retailer, online arbitrage is a full time job. Hiring an OAXRAY virtual assistant works wonders for Amazon sellers (both Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM sellers) who are dedicated to utilizing the OAXRAY tool for online arbitrage.

While OAXRAY already cuts down the time, using the tool can still take up precious hours every day. When you hire a VA to work on OAXRAY, you can remove this task off your hands and focus on making high-level decisions and fostering partnerships that will allow you to grow your business faster.

What Can an OAXRAY Virtual Assistant Do?


OAXRAY VAs are trained to make the most out of the OAXRAY platform. Here are some of the things that an OAXRAY virtual assistant can help you out with:

  • Compare the price of an item from various websites using normal sourcing, comparison sourcing, or power sourcing
  • Do clearance sourcing to get the best deals on clearance sales
  • Check the Sales Rank, Net Profit, and ROI of certain items
  • Apply filter and sort options to factor in customized costs and discounts
  • Produce and maintain a complete buy list of profitable items for your Amazon store
  • Find Amazon Sources to dropship and/or sell on eBay
  • Create shadow listings (items that do not have a sales rank) and locate items that currently do not have a seller on Amazon
  • Locate items, itemize per geographical area, and check item availability in the store (retail arbitrage)
  • Set out-of-stock alerts for top-selling products on certain websites
  • Set up international arbitrage for worldwide selling
  • Coordinate with OAXRAY support for any issues with the software

How to Hire a Trained OAXRAY VA


OAXRAY has partnered with 20four7VA to provide Amazon sellers and OAXRAY users with highly trained virtual assistants who know the best tricks of the trade when it comes to OAXRAY. Part of every 20four7VA OAXRAY virtual assistant tool kit is a training program that allows your VA to operate OAXRAY efficiently. This specialized OAXRAY training that 20four7VA eCommerce virtual assistants receive means that they are the best people for the job because they have access to training programs that freelancers and other virtual assistants don’t have access to.

So how do you hire an OAXRAY virtual assistant from 20four7VA? Simply book your FREE consultation call today and talk to us about your needs. After the consultation call, we will draft a suitable job description and send it to you for approval. Once the job description is approved, we will find you several OAXRAY VA candidates that we think perfectly match the job description and set up the interview so you can pick the best VA for the job — this is all done at no cost to you! At 20four7VA, clients only pay when their VA starts working for them. Click the button below to schedule your FREE consultation!

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