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What is a Newegg Virtual Assistant?


With the whole world getting more and more dependent on computers, it’s to be expected that technology is an ever-growing eCommerce category. Newegg is a platform that caters to technology very well, but competition can be quite stiff, and if you already have a presence on other eCommerce platforms, adding another one isn’t as simple as replicating the techniques you’ve perfected in your existing digital stores. A Newegg marketplace specialist can help you establish and grow in this particular platform.

A Newegg marketplace virtual assistant is armed with the knowledge necessary to maximize your listings, as well as make the most use of the Newegg seller services available to businesses. From opening your account to optimizing your listings, they can help you stay on top of your Newegg business.

Hiring a Newegg virtual assistant in particular, instead of getting a physical employee, can give you all of these benefits at a fraction of the cost. With a virtual employee, you won’t need to worry about expenses like office space, office equipment, insurance, or travel allowances. On top of that, hiring a virtual assistant also gives you a wider pool of candidates to choose from.

What Tasks Can a Newegg Virtual Assistant Do for Me?


A Newegg virtual assistant (VA) can take care of many of the aspects of managing the day to day of your Newegg account, such as:

Account creation and setup

You can ask your Newegg VA to handle compiling and submitting all the requirements necessary to open your Newegg seller account. They can also follow up on its status, and set up with your initial store settings, product listings, and store profile. A Newegg VA can also recommend which Newegg membership plan is best for your business.

Listing optimization

You can get a Newegg marketplace listing virtual assistant to make sure that all your product listings have the best chances of getting you a sale. This means that they can ensure that your listings have all the right keywords while also making sure your listing is understandable and desirable to customers.

Basic graphic design

Visual content is always important for products because 90% of the information the human brain processes comes from visual input. Your Newegg VA can create basic graphics to better entice potential buyers to pick your listing over others.

Inventory management

A Newegg VA isn’t limited to just helping you with your digital store content. Some Newegg VAs can also help you on the logistics side, such as keeping track of your stock movement and making sure you don’t lose sales opportunities from out-of-stock products.

Assessment of different seller programs

Newegg offers a variety of different seller programs to help businesses on their platform expand. Your Newegg VA can keep you abreast of programs that can be a good fit for your company while filtering out those that won’t really give you a bang for your buck.

What Kinds of Skills Will My Newegg Virtual Assistant Need to Have?


Newegg virtual assistants need to have a variety of skills to fulfill the different responsibilities that may be entrusted to them. Here are some of the most important ones:

Excellent written and interpersonal communication

Your Newegg virtual assistant is in charge of many aspects of your business, and they should be able to coordinate well with the rest of the team. Because of this, it’s very important that they can connect with people very well. They may also need to interface with suppliers, Newegg support, and customers, so they should be able to communicate well via email and messages as well.


Because they have to handle many different tasks at once, your Newegg VA must be able to structure tasks and information in a manner that is easily understood by both themselves and also relevant members of the team.


In order to suggest improvements to your business, Newegg VAs have to be able to look at data sets and be comfortable interpreting them. Having an analytical and logical mindset is key to this.

How Can I Hire a Newegg Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a Newegg VA can be one of the best things you do for your business. However, finding and screening one can feel like a chore. This is where working with a company like 20four7VA can come in handy. 20four7VA can handle looking through the vast worldwide candidate pool for you and shortlist only the best applicants for you to interview.

20four7VA also goes beyond simple recruitment. After you choose the Newegg virtual assistant that best suits your needs and the company’s culture, 20four7VA can help you onboard them onto your team. They also help you monitor your new VA, as well as provide different upskilling programs to help your VA grow with your business.

All you need to do to start this process is schedule a free, no-obligation consultation call to help 20four7VA identify your needs.

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