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With so many websites and applications battling for user attention, businesses need to invest more in their website. A business’s website or mobile app is typically one of its biggest marketing tools. Ensuring your website is up-to-date, user-friendly, and engaging. If you want to improve your website’s UI with interactive elements, you might hire React developers.

What is React JS?


Javascript (JS) is a popular scripting language used to develop web and mobile applications. As one of the most popular programming languages, Javascript frameworks are often used to create web applications and mobile applications for businesses, so your business website is likely built using a Javascript framework.

Aside from being built using a Javascript framework, many websites and applications also use various Javascript libraries to streamline the development process. This is why JS developers are in high demand.

Now how does this relate to React applications? React JS, or simply, React, is a Javascript library that encourages rapid user interface development by allowing developers to create interactive and animated user interfaces and reusable components using pre-written React components or code. Instead of writing code from scratch, React native developers can use the React library to build UIs faster and more efficiently.

If your business website, web apps, or mobile apps use a React component or two, it’s helpful to hire dedicated React developers to support your senior developers in their software development and web development projects.

Hire React Developers Remotely

Many businesses, especially those just starting out, don’t have the budget to hire a full-time React.js developer. If you have a software developer or a team of local software engineers, the decision to hire dedicated React JS developer services might not be feasible.

An excellent alternative to hiring local React developers to join your existing team is to hire ReactJS developers from other countries instead. Outsourcing ReactJS development services to React developers outside the country allows you to minimize the cost of website and application development while still ensuring that your company’s web and mobile applications are in good hands.

There are many React developers for hire and even fully managed teams of full stack React developers that can provide you with reliable back end development and front end development at a fraction of the cost of hiring local React developers.

What Tasks Can React Developers Do?


Once you have determined that you want to hire React developers remotely, the next step is to determine what you want your React JS developer to do. To help you out, here are some of the top tasks you can outsource to a React developer.

Develop React JS Components

React developers can help speed up your project development timeline by creating reusable components that can be used by your team in building user interfaces.

Optimize Your Existing React App

If you have an existing React application, a React developer can help improve its performance by optimizing existing code to improve code quality and updating existing components.

Create Responsive and Dynamic User Interfaces

One of the main reasons to hire React developers is because they can create custom user interfaces for your web or mobile applications. This includes both the front-end design and implementation using React.

Convert Design Files to a React App

A React developer can also create responsive React applications from PSD or Sketch files to enhance your Javascript library.

Debug React.js Applications

Aside from optimizing existing React apps, React developers can also help debug your mobile or web applications by identifying and resolving errors in the code.

Ensure Compatibility Across Browsers

When you hire a React developer, you can also rest assured that your web application will be compatible across all major browsers. They can also help ensure that the features in your web apps seamlessly integrate with your native mobile apps.

These are just some ways you can use React developers to improve your business website or mobile app. Of course, top ReactJS developers are also usually skilled in other Javascript frameworks and libraries, especially if you hire full stack React developers.

What Skills Does a React Developer Need to Have?


When you’re looking to hire ReactJS developers, they must have the right skills and experience. Here are some of the most important hard skills that a React developer should have.

In-depth knowledge of React

A good React developer should have in-depth knowledge of React and its core concepts. Several years of experience in React software development is important if you want a React.js developer who can work fast and deliver quality code.

Javascript framework and Javascript library experience

Experience working with other Javascript frameworks and libraries is also a plus for a React developer. Most ReactJS developers are expected to provide other development services. Knowing the basic concepts of another Javascript framework or library your company uses will help them perform better.

UI and UX knowledge

React developers should also have basic knowledge of UI and UX design. This will come in handy when creating custom user interfaces for your web or mobile application.

HTML, CSS, and DOM Manipulation

React.js developers should also be well-versed in HTML, CSS, and DOM manipulation. These are three technologies used to create responsive user interfaces.

Of course, it’s also a smart move to look for several soft skills when hiring ReactJS developers. After all, a good developer doesn’t just code; they also help you and your development or engineering team meet key business objectives. Here are some soft skills to look for when looking for ReactJS developers.


React developers need to be creative in order to create custom user interfaces that are both responsive and visually appealing.

Problem-solving skills

React developers should also be able to identify and solve problems quickly. This is important when debugging apps and improving their performance.

Communication skills

When you’re looking to hire ReactJS developers, it’s also important that they have good communication skills. This is important in order to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication during the development process.

When you’re looking to hire a React developer, make sure to consider both their hard and soft skills. This way, you can be sure that they have the right skills and experience for the job. Of course, the exact skills needed will depend on the specific tasks that you want your ReactJS developer to do.

Ready to Hire Remote React JS Developers?

There are several ways to get remote software development services, like posting on freelancer platforms or looking for candidates on social media. However, hiring from a trusted remote staffing agency is still the most convenient and stress-free way to hire React native developers or React.js developers.

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