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In this digital world, many businesses can access data from various sources. These include online customer feedback, source documents, marketing reports, and so on. But analysis of these data points can be challenging if they’re not arranged in a manner that makes sense.

Data entry is a task that can help businesses consolidate all these reports and databases. It’s an important process in making sense of large amounts of information. However, data entry can be time-consuming. Hiring a freelance data entry specialist is your best bet if you’re a business trying to make the most of your resources.

Why Get Data Entry Freelance Services?


Hiring remote talents to handle important but time-consuming admin tasks can save you time and money. Administrative support tasks such as data entry are something you can easily outsource to entry-level remote talent.

Cost-effective Staffing Solution

Remote talents do freelance data entry work from home or remotely. They have their own tools to provide the data entry support you need. This means you can save on office space and equipment costs. And if you’re working on a limited budget, savings like this can make a huge impact.

Stay Productive

Getting someone to handle data entry tasks can help free up your plate for other value-adding tasks. You can focus on the big picture while your data entry specialist takes care of collecting, organizing, sorting, and verifying important information and reports.

A data entry and administrative assistant can save you and your team valuable time and energy. You can refocus your efforts on data-driven product development and crafting company growth strategies.

Get Access to a Global and Diverse Talent Pool

Getting freelance work-from-home data entry services means you’re not limited by factors such as time zones and state lines. You can hire remote talents based on one’s skills and job experience instead of their location.

Depending on the type of data entry work you need, you can find a freelance data entry specialist for you. There are entry-level freelancers who can provide basic data entry services. Or you can hire a data entry specialist with more job experience for more specialized data entry operator roles.

These are just some reasons to try alternative staffing solutions instead of hiring full-time, in-office staff. If you want to hire a top-notch data entry clerk freelance hiring is the way to go.

Tasks a Data Entry Freelancer Can Work On

Freelance data entry specialists can be the missing piece your team needs. They can take over important but time-consuming tasks for your company. A detail-oriented and effective data entry clerk can help you with tasks such as:

  • Customer database updating
  • Content or data scraping
  • Leads database management
  • Transcribe meetings
  • Log customer feedback from social media marketing channels
  • Consolidate accounting data
  • Transfer of data from source documents (e.g., Microsoft Excel or PDF) to internal data management system
  • File management
  • And other data entry jobs

There are many other tasks a data entry specialist can help you with. Depending on the type of project, they can also do more specialized tasks such as account reconciliation, bookkeeping, and more.

Essential Skills and Qualities a Data Entry Freelancer Should Have


It’s challenging to create a comprehensive checklist for the ideal candidate. The final list of skills and qualities will highly depend on the type of data entry services you need. But here’s a rundown of the “must-haves” your data entry freelancer must possess. They should have the following regardless of their level: from entry-level to seasoned veteran. 

Proficiency in Basic Computer Programs

Your freelance data entry specialist should be comfortable with navigating basic computer programs. Such programs include Microsoft Excel, Word, and other Microsoft and Google Workspace tools. Hiring someone with foundational knowledge can save you an hour or two in training them. Instead, you can use your onboarding time to train them on your business processes and workflow.


Even minor typing errors can mess up a database or change the report analysis results. To be able to fulfill their data entry clerk role effectively, the remote talent you hire should be detail-oriented. Aside from typing speed, accuracy should be part of your ideal candidate checklist. Those with excellent attention to detail are the right persons for data entry jobs.

Organization Skills

To maximize your data, hire a data entry operator with great organizational skills. They can implement your preferred classification system for files and reports. Organized individuals can also follow the instructions provided by clients whether you need them to classify files based on source site or per client.

Ability to Properly Handle Confidential Information

Data entry jobs can sometimes involve the handling of confidential information. They can be your company’s accounting data or customer contact details. Hiring a data entry operator that can protect company information and customer database is essential. Doing so can help safe-keep your trade secrets and maintain your customer’s trust.

Computer proficiency, accuracy, and the ability to keep things confidential are the key skills and qualities of an effective remote assistant. You can always add to this basic list if you have more specific data entry assistant requirements. 

How to Hire a Freelance Data Entry Specialist

If you’re interested in hiring a freelancer data entry professional, you must create a job listing. It should include important details like the type of data entry work, rate per hour, experience level (entry-level position or for experienced data entry specialist only), etc. 

After creating a detailed job description, you can reach freelance data entry job seekers when you post ads online. But the process does not stop there. Finding the right data entry specialist for your business is not as quick as you would imagine. You need to sift through the applications of data entry job seekers and complete the recruitment process. This can take up much of your valuable time and resources. If you want to get the right data entry freelancer for the job, then you should work with a trusted remote staffing agency.

Get the Best Data Entry Services with 20four7VA

20four7VA is a top-notch remote staffing company. We have over a decade of experience finding the right virtual assistant (VA) for our clients. Our team offers end-to-end remote staffing solutions starting from recruitment until VA management.

Why Choose 20four7VA?

Multi-Awarded Remote Staffing Experts

Our recent achievements are a testament to our dedication to our mission to help businesses grow with cost-effective staffing solutions. Here are some of our recent achievements:

Wide Talent Pool

All our VAs passed our meticulous 8-step vetting process. We make sure our talent pool is made up of high-quality candidates. This way, we can find the most suitable candidate for any position your business calls for.

Recruitment Assistance

We will endorse shortlisted data entry clerk candidates and schedule interviews. To help you find the right person for the job, we can also help administer test tasks. For example, if you want to test the candidates’ typing speed and accuracy, we can assign an online typing test.

Free Client-Virtual Assistant Matching Services

You don’t need to worry about hidden fees. We’ll help you find the right remote talent for the position for free. Clients will only start paying once their VA has started working for them.

Dedicated Customer Support

Every 20four7VA client is assigned a Customer Relations Officer (CRO). This helps ensure that all concerns are handled effectively and on time. The CRO will also help manage your data entry specialist, making working with remote talents that much more convenient.

HR Services

By hiring a data entry specialist through 20four7VA, you also gain free access to our HR services! We’ll help you with time tracking, payroll processing, etc.

In-house Training

20four7VA aims to provide rewarding remote career opportunities to global talents. One of the ways we can do this is to equip them with the right skills, so they can be effective at their position. Plus, we also offer upskilling and other training for interested VAs who want to pursue other, more specialized roles.

IT Helpdesk

Every 20four7VA client and VA has access to our IT Helpdesk at no extra cost. Our IT experts can provide technical assistance to help troubleshoot any software or hardware-related concerns.

20four7VA can help you find the right remote talents to help you achieve your business goals. From data entry to eCommerce to real estate, we can customize the most cost-effective remote staffing solutions for you.

Are you interested in hiring a data entry specialist for your company? Schedule a free consultation with our Growth Experts today.

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