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Need compelling, engaging copy that drives results? Hire a freelance copywriter.

Hire a Freelance Copywriter

As a business owner, you’re probably the one who knows the most about your new business. You also know that having a strong marketing strategy and using the right words matter. But you already have so many things on your plate that it may be hard to squeeze in copywriting in your busy schedule. If you’re in need of copywriting services, then why not hire a freelance copywriter?

What is a Freelance Copywriter?

A freelance copywriter is a creative professional who develops written material (also known as copy) for various assets and projects. Freelance copywriters have the skills to create compelling copy that engages readers and encourages them to take the client’s desired action. Freelance copywriting can include creating website content, product descriptions, press releases, email newsletters, and more.

Benefits of Getting Freelance Copywriting Services

Freelance Copywriter

Alternative staffing options like outsourcing and hiring remote talent benefit businesses. However, some businesses are still on the fence about exploring these alternative hiring solutions.

Here are some reasons to help you see why working with a freelance copywriter is a great move for your business:

Generate Revenues and Close Deals

The right copywriting freelance professional has the skills to encourage your target consumer or client to transact with your business. Based on your project brief and business goals, a freelance copywriter will craft the best way to convey your message. The copies they write can help you attract new clients, engage existing ones, and keep the income coming in.

Keep Your Brand’s Image and Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Freelance copywriters do so much more than simply writing about a business, service, or product. They use their skills to amplify the brand’s messaging and engage with consumers. Consistent messaging across all touchpoints will solidify your brand’s personality, attract more consumers, and improve brand awareness.

In a market that’s increasingly challenging, most people may easily switch to competitors without batting an eye. The messaging and engagements with the consumer can be the key to keeping your current client base and acquiring new clients.

Save Precious Time

Writing is a skill and an art that can take years to master. If you want to save long hours from writing copies for your website, blogs, marketing projects, and advertising campaigns, then you should definitely hire a freelance copywriter. They possess the writing skills to help you keep your business communications clear and consistent.

Focus on Your Core Functions

Running one’s own business is rewarding but can take up a lot of time and energy. Solopreneurs and owners of small businesses tend to wear different hats to build a successful business. The good news is that clients can conveniently get writing services through freelance copywriters to check one off one of the many things on their to-do lists.

Save Money

Working with freelancers or remote talent allows businesses to save money without sacrificing the quality of work. Why? Because a freelance copywriting professional can write copy just as well as an in-house one and at a fraction of the cost. They don’t need to worry about the usual expenses related to hiring in-house staff. These expenses include equipment costs, training, transportation allowances, and other required benefits stipulated in a contract or by the law. So if you’re looking for copywriters freelance or remote staffing is the way to go.

What Freelance Copywriters Can Do

Freelance Copywriter

Copywriting freelancers’ target readers are typically the end consumers. These people will eventually take the desired action (e.g., purchase products or services of the company). A business can tap into many touchpoints and channels to reach its target audience. The job of the copywriter is to make sure that the messaging on each material is clear, complete, and compelling.

Digital / Online Materials

  • Social Media Posts for the Business
  • Create Content for the Website 
  • Product Descriptions

Above-the-Line Marketing

  • Print Advertising (Billboards, Posters, etc.)
  • Write Press Releases on Publications
  • TV Advertising
  • Create Scripts for Radio Ads

Below-the-Line Marketing

  • Direct Email Marketing
  • Text Blasts
  • In-store Marketing Merchandising

Other Possible Tasks

  • Editing or Improving Existing Copies
  • Market Research to Support Claims on Copies
  • Research on the Project
  • Coordinate with Working Teams to Generate Ideas and Strategies

And much more!

The right freelance copywriter can write copy that’s going to help your business achieve your campaign or project goals.

Essential Skills and Qualities of Freelance Copywriters

Freelance Copywriter

The copywriting services needed by your business may differ from others. Good thing the remote job market is completely global and online. This means you can find the best copywriter for your specific company requirements. Of course, you still need to ensure your freelance copywriting professional has the following core skills and qualities:

Good Grammar and Writing Skills

An effective copywriting freelancer needs to have mastery of the language they’re writing in. Of course, good grammar is a non-negotiable quality of any copywriter. On top of that, they should have a versatile writing style and the ability to understand their target market to come up with copies that can produce the right results.

Basic Computer Proficiency

Any remote worker must possess basic computer proficiency, whether a copywriter, virtual admin assistant, or business support virtual assistant. This is also a non-negotiable skill to succeed in the virtual or freelancing world. You need a freelance copywriter who can navigate the usual computer programs. An example of a typical program used by freelance writers is Google Docs. Another benefit of hiring a freelance copywriter with foundational skills is that teaching them how to navigate any specific project management or platform your business uses will be easier.

Ability to Adjust Style or Approach for Different Mediums

The medium that a copywriter is writing for may vary. For example, they could be asked to write a radio ad script or a print advertisement poster with different requirements and limitations. To be effective in their role, they must be able and willing to adjust their style or approach as needed. Another example is clients from the same industry but with different brand personalities. One may need a friendly and jolly tone for their copies, while another may need their copy to be authoritative and expert-sounding for that niche.

Knowledgeable in the Latest Consumer and Digital Marketing Trends

Aside from being able to write (and write well), good copywriters must also have good research skills. They need to be keenly interested in knowing more about who they’re writing for and the audience they’re communicating for. Their expertise and willingness to research or learn more about the client will make them more successful in their career.

Attention to Detail

Being detail-oriented is another important quality of a good copywriter. A lack of meticulousness can allow the simplest of mistakes to fall through the cracks. Errors or typos could make it into the final content, confusing audiences or, worse, affecting a brand’s credibility and impact.

Organizational Skills

Freelance copywriters have the freedom to take on as many clients as they can. Since they can have multiple clients at once, they need to be highly organized. For example, if a copywriter has three clients at once, they need to be organized enough with their files and their schedule. This way, they can turn in assignments on time and up to their client’s standards.

Copywriting freelancers must also be able to categorize their past works. This way, they can update their writing portfolio or professional website. Being organized can help them expand their freelance copywriting business by showcasing their best copywriting works to potential clients. They can opt to categorize their writing per niche, per industry, per medium, etc. Doing so can help potential clients easily search for the writing samples they want to see.


Freelancing can sometimes feel isolating, and so can writing. The task of a copywriter can require hours of research and focus on creating something that can meet the standards of the client. A freelancer copywriter needs to be self-motivated because they cannot depend on a superior or editor to be by their side to always check up on their progress.

Respect for Time and Transparency

Freelancers who have a successful copywriting business are great at time management. Late submission projects can result in business delays and potential loss of income. This is why good copywriting professionals respect the deadlines they’ve agreed upon with their clients. They know their lead times, capabilities, and the writing workload they have. These details can help them estimate whether or not they will be able to deliver writing assignments on time. Excellent copywriters are not just good writers but are transparent enough to manage client expectations.

How to Get the Right Freelance Copywriting Services

Once you’ve decided to hire a copywriter freelancer, you’ll need to begin your recruitment process by listing down the writing services you need. This list will prove helpful when you’re creating your job description (JD) and deciding on the skills required. It can also aid you in computing the freelance copywriter rates (either per hour or per writing project) you’re willing to offer. After creating a detailed JD, it’s time to advertise your requirement on relevant career portals where you connect with freelance copywriters. The complete process will continue from this point.

The process of acquiring freelance copywriter services may seem straightforward. But even taking an hour away from running your company can take a lot of work if you’re a business owner. There’s a legitimate need to get quality remote copywriting talent, but there’s also difficulty in investing the time and energy it takes to find one. This is why it’s best to work with a remote staffing company to help you find the right copywriting services your business needs.

Get the Best Freelance Copywriters with 20four7VA

Whether you need copywriting services for your website, social media post, or merchandising materials, we can help you find the right copywriting freelancer for you.

20four7VA’s End-to-End Virtual Staffing Services 

  • Vetting and Screening Services: All virtual assistants (VAs) in our talent pool have passed a meticulous 8-step hiring process. We’ll search our global talent pool to find the right remote professional that matches your copywriting requirements.
  • Interview and Recruitment Support: We’ll send the portfolio and resumes of shortlisted candidates for your review.
  • Dedicated Client Support: All 20four7VA clients are assigned an Account Manager to make working with remote professionals that much easier.
  • No Hidden Fees: Clients don’t need to pay placement fees as our VA-Client matching services are free. We’ll set up your account, and you will only pay once your selected copywriting freelancer has started working with you.
  • Flexible Remote Staffing Solutions: Clients don’t need to choose a long-term contract. Based on what you’ve shared during the consultation call, we will provide the best staffing solutions for your business needs. We can definitely find the right person for the role, whether full-time, part-time, or on a seasonal basis.
  • HR Support: We make working with remote talents as convenient as possible for all our clients. We won’t stop by just matching you to the right copywriting freelancer. Our team will also assist with other HR services, including training, time-tracking, and payroll processing.
  • And more! 

Want to hire copywriting freelancers to help you write your way to a successful business story? Visit the 20four7VA website to schedule a free consultation today!

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