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Improve customer experience through effective feedback management with a virtual assistant.

What is Feedback Management?


In business, feedback is one of the most important success indicators of customer satisfaction. Knowing what your customers like and don’t like about a product, service, or experience is helpful in improving the operational processes of your business. It also has a stake in how it will be shaped in the future. Simply put, feedback from customers is a way to meet or exceed expectations, lessen complaints, and the key to building brand loyalty.

It is not enough to listen to the positive side. Taking note of negative feedback is just as crucial as bad reviews can dismantle any business big or small. Modern consumers are getting smarter and most of them look at reviews from others before making any purchase. Because they spend a lot of time managing the primary facets of the business, owners and managers may not have the time to peruse, consolidate, and seek out feedback. This is where feedback management plays a huge role in enabling continuous business growth.

Feedback management is the process of collecting data, particularly any reaction, comment, or opinion that is directed at your business or service. It could also be any commentary regarding a customer’s user experience. There are multiple channels where feedback can be gathered, and it can be time-consuming to gather this information. That is why an assistant can help you streamline the collection and manage feedback efficiently.

What is a Feedback Management Assistant?


A feedback management virtual assistant (VA) is someone who can help sort and organize through all the responses, reviews, and feedback you get from all your feedback collection avenues. When a business has multiple channels beyond a brick-and-mortar setup, the process of collecting data can be painstaking and laborious. While a full-time employee can do the job, a dedicated virtual assistant equipped with specialized feedback management skills is more cost-effective.

They are less costly to employ because they do not require costs that an in-office employee needs like office space, equipment, payroll taxes, insurance, and they can be paid by project or time or by “time on tasks” all while helping you stay on schedule with a peace of mind.

What Tasks Can a Feedback Management Virtual Assistant Do?


A feedback management assistant is responsible for collecting useful ideas to help develop progressive solutions to areas where you could be lacking. Basically, they are in-charge of feedback tools and they oversee that the customer feedback management process aligns with the company’s objectives.

Collect Feedback Across Multiple Channels

There are multiple ways to collect customer feedback. Some of the most common channels are emails, contact forms, social media, product reviews, mobile apps, and your company website. Your product feedback management VA may also seek them out through opinion sites, surveys, forums, and other platforms.

The only bad time to collect feedback is when bad reviews start rolling in and there is almost no way to mitigate it. An assistant can help you keep abreast of negative reviews so erring processes can be corrected and customers appeased as soon as possible.

When feedback is scarce and data is low, you can take measures to ask customers for any input. The feedback management VA may be responsible for screening customer support rep conversations for any issues customers may have with your products and services. They may also write short surveys after a customer has completed a transaction online.

Work on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

A feedback management VA is familiar with customer relationship management tools. This type of platform puts all customer information, metrics, documents, and other relevant data in place. When you need specific metrics or data, a VA can sort and generate reports efficiently.

Sort and Organize Useful Ideas

With the collected data, a VA can sort through all ideas and suggestions and then organize them categorically. Some CRM platforms can automate this process and keep tabs on customers who sent specific requests. These customers can be added to a list to be notified through email. VAs can also help optimize and share customer insights to help you make informed business decisions.

Help Deal with Urgent Correspondence

For messages that need urgent replies, a VA can help delegate messages so it reaches faster to the manager or to whoever is assigned. Additionally, they can also respond to concerns, inquiries, and even reviews. While it may be impossible to respond to each feedback in public, it is important to focus on the negative ones.

When it comes to sensitive matters like negative customer feedback, it is important to never reply for the sake of it. Skilled VAs know to listen carefully, acknowledge the lapses, sincerely apologize, and promise to resolve the issue quickly. Always aim to have a quick resolution without customers having to explain their issues repeatedly before anything is done.

Send Follow-up Emails

Show appreciation to customers who took the time to give survey responses or offered suggestions. VAs can write personalized follow-up messages to complaints and offer more information about what has been done to make sure those issues never happen again. Doing so will make customers feel appreciated and more importantly, listened to. You can also take this opportunity to offer discounts to placate unhappy customers.

How Do I Hire a Feedback Management Virtual Assistant?

With all the points enumerated above, hopefully, you have seen how a feedback management virtual assistant can be useful for your business. When it comes to finding one, you don’t need to look any further. Here at 20four7VA, we will help you choose the candidate that is right for the job.

The process of finding a VA on your own is tedious and will take much of your time and energy. When you hire from an experienced virtual staffing company like 20four7VA, we will help you search, screen, and vet the candidates to make sure that they fit your set of requirements. We will help facilitate interviews and provide you with all the support you need so you can focus on your business and what you do best as soon as possible.

The first step to finding your feedback management virtual assistant is by contacting us today!

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