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What is an Etsy Virtual Assistant?


While selling unique products in a marketplace focused on selling to niche audiences is a good idea, this brings up its own set of challenges. For example, the relatively low listing price on Etsy is great when you’re just starting, but the listing renewal fees can be hefty if you don’t get enough sales. The ability to create and maintain a personalized shopfront can greatly strengthen your brand, but not executing it properly can do more harm than good. These are just some of the few basic issues you will face when you set up a store on Etsy.

Hiring a freelance Etsy specialist can help you navigate the complexities of Etsy’s unique selling structure so you can focus on developing the best and most creative products. Depending on your needs, you can hire something as specific as an Etsy administration specialist or a general Etsy marketplace specialist if you have varied tasks or are not yet sure what kind of help, in particular, you’ll need in the long term.

While you can choose to get a physical employee to handle your Etsy tasks, hiring an Etsy marketplace virtual assistant (VA) can be more rewarding and cost-efficient. When you hire a VA, you aren’t constrained by choosing talent from a small geographic region. You can pick and choose from a vast pool and find a good fit for you both in task requirements and schedule. You also won’t need to spend on the usual costs associated with hiring a physical employee, like office space, office equipment, and insurance.

What Tasks Can an Etsy Virtual Assistant Do?


An Etsy Virtual Assistant can handle all sorts of tasks related to maintaining your storefront, including:

SEO optimization

An Etsy VA can research the best keywords you can use for your product and make sure to update your product listing descriptions with the most appropriate keywords regularly.

Listing management

Etsy VAs can take care of your product lists and ensure that they have the right keywords based on their research while still making sense. They also create and update the tags on your products for maximum reach.

Inventory management

While having sold out products doesn’t seem so bad for some, if you intend for that product to be restocked, not maintaining inventory consistently can lead to a lot of sales opportunity loss. Not only do you miss out on a customer who is already ready to buy, but they may not come back because they may think that the product they want is out of stock forever. Having your Etsy VA monitor and manage your inventory can prevent this.

Storefront management

Etsy provides sellers with the avenue to customize their stores’ looks to fit their brands better. However, conceptualizing and maintaining this design can take a lot of effort that you may want to pour into other parts of your business instead. You can have your Etsy VA help you with this to free up your time.

Customer service

You can offload answering basic queries and requests to your VA so that you dont have to spend hours in a day doing basic administrative work.

What Skills Does an Etsy Virtual Assistant Need to Have?


It’s important to make sure that whoever you hire to be your Etsy VA is fully equipped for the job. Here are just some things to look for when hiring an Etsy virtual assistant:

Attention to detail

Etsy VAs have to handle so much of the minutiae of managing your Etsy store, that it’s important that they have an eye and mind for even the small details, or else things will have a tendency to fall through the cracks.

Organizational skills

Even if your VA’s mind is a steel trap that never forgets details, it’s important that they can properly document and share these details with the rest of the team. Therefore, it’s super important to look for an Etsy VA with good organization skills.

Excellent written and verbal communication

Your Etsy VA has to be able to talk to you, your team, and maybe even suppliers and customers. It’s important they are able to impart their ideas in a clear, agreeable manner to all kinds of people.

How Can I Hire an Etsy Virtual Assistant?

Hiring an Etsy VA on your own can take time and effort better spent in creating the best, most creative products you can. Hiring a VA company like 20four7VA gives you a very efficient way to get an Etsy VA for your team.

All you need to do is schedule a free, no-obligation consultation call, and 20four7VA can help assess your needs and work on shortlisting only the most appropriate candidates for your job. All you have to do is interview the applicants and choose who you want to hire, and 20four7VA can even help you with onboarding and monitoring your new VA.

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