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Let an eCommerce Consultant Virtual Assistant help you build better business strategies for your online store.

What is an eCommerce Consultant Virtual Assistant?


eCommerce can be a very rewarding avenue for sales and revenue. However, it is a complex space that requires a lot of attention and know-how to effectively navigate. Hiring a freelance eCommerce consultant can help you make things less intimidating.

Whether you hire a physical eCommerce business consultant or a virtual assistant to do the job, they can help you look at your business and put it on the best track towards efficiency and profitability. This is especially important now that competition is booming in digital sales due to COVID-19, with the increased eCommerce numbers predicted to remain high post-pandemic.

An eCommerce consultant can analyze your business, see your pain points, and create different plans to boost the parts of your business that are falling behind. They can also help you look for and hire a specialized expert, like an eCommerce marketing consultant, once they lay down the basics if they find that you can benefit more from a specialized consultant rather than a generalist.

While both a physical or an online eCommerce consultant can do all these for you, hiring one digitally is more cost-efficient. Plus, offshore hiring or outsourcing can open up avenues that would otherwise be inaccessible to you. When you hire an eCommerce specialist virtual assistant, you have the whole world’s talent to pick from, and you won’t need to pay for costs associated with physical employees, like office space and utilities.

What Tasks Can an eCommerce Consultant Virtual Assistant Do?


An eCommerce consultant virtual assistant (VA) is an overall expert that can help you identify points of improvement for your business, set goals to achieve, and help adjust these goals to navigate the ever-changing environment of eCommerce. Here are just some of the tasks they can do for you:

Business Analysis

Through a mix of interviews, observation, and looking at existing reports and analytics, your eCommerce consultant VA can examine your business strengths, weaknesses, and needs, upon which they will base their improvement plans.

Marketing Planning

Your eCommerce consultant can create marketing goals and plans for you to follow, both for the short term and long term, as well as walk you through changes you can make in case the market changes.

Product Development

An eCommerce VA can help you create new products based on your core strengths and your business targets. They can make sure that your products fit your market and consumers well.

Inventory Planning and Management

Your eCommerce consultant can help you create a good basic framework for your product movement and management, so that you can keep your inventory organized and avoid unexpected stock issues.


An eCommerce consultant not only works with your internal team, they can teach or help you negotiate with external parties such as suppliers and partners, so that you can get the best deals for your business.

What Should I Look For in an eCommerce Consultant Virtual Assistant?


In order to work efficiently, here are some skills or qualities that your eCommerce consultant VA must have:

Excellent written and oral communication

Since they must be able to essentially teach your team techniques for improvement, an eCommerce consultant must be excellent at communication. This is true for synchronous feedback like meetings and calls, and also for asynchronous like writing documentation or how-tos for your team to rely on.

Data mining skills and a strong analytical mind

Your eCommerce consultant must be able to quickly identify patterns and anomalies in data, and then correctly interpret or extrapolate the reasons for such. This way, they can make your business plans data-driven and not just based on feelings.

Experience with web analytics tools

Part and parcel of the point above is being able to access the data in the first place. This is why it’s important for eCommerce consultants you hire to be familiar with using Google Analytics or other common analytics tools.

How Can I Hire an eCommerce Consultant Virtual Assistant?

Hiring an eCommerce consultant virtual assistant can be very rewarding, but also daunting. Sometimes, it’s hard to think about how to start. This is where hiring virtual assistant companies like 20four7VA can help you out.

20four7VA can look through the vast internet for only the most suitable candidates, and start vetting them for you. All you’ll have to do is interview the shortlisted applicants, and then you can choose the VA that best fits your company. 20four7VA can even help you with onboarding and monitoring your chosen VA, to make sure that you’re getting the bang for your buck.

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