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What is a Database Management Assistant?

To understand the function of a database management assistant in a company, it’s important to look at all three words individually. A database is a collection of information stored in a central repository. Management is the responsibility or control over things or people. Assistants are people who help do a particular task.

A database management assistant, therefore, is a person who manages a collection of information. The concept is simple, but be careful not to think that its simplicity means that it’s not an important role. In fact, database management assistants are integral to any business wanting to grow or even stay on top of their competitors.

Why is Database Management Important to Business?

Before anything else, take a look at the role of database management in a company first. Databases allow for the storage and organization of vast amounts of information. This is then used to help monitor operations and guide future decisions. Databases and data management are becoming increasingly important given the rapid nature of information exchange and trend-setting these days.

These databases are not restricted to just one aspect of a business. Databases allow for storage and access to everything within a company — clients, vendors, employees, inventory, processes, customer service requests — all of these can be organized and become easily accessible with a proper office management system.

Keeping on top of your data means keeping on top of your business. With an organized database, proper labeling, and general office data categorizing, you can prevent costly filing errors and other similar issues. This is extremely important as, without accurate data, a company cannot accurately analyze its own performance and will be making decisions based on wrong information.

Having good database management also means quicker access to information. Data after all accumulates very quickly, and just dumping all of your files without properly cataloging them will mean the eventual need to sift through hundreds of pages just to compile the specific details you need to make different decisions.

All in all, having a well-managed database can give your company an excellent edge, by helping you monitor your current business properly, as well as helping you remove the guesswork in your decision-making.

What is a Database Management Virtual Assistant?


It’s important to hire someone to focus on managing your databases because this job involves a lot of time-consuming routinary tasks that will take a lot of precious time away from business owners and managers. Hiring an office assistant to come in to work and do these tasks is one option, but physical office-based assistant salaries can be expensive. Hiring a database management virtual assistant (VA) can help you avoid these problems.

Databases in this day and age are all digitally-based, which means that working as a database manager can easily be an entirely virtual experience. Hiring a virtual assistant to manage your databases will cause little friction with your own operations, but at the same time provide you with many benefits, such as eliminating the need for setting aside a physical space and equipment for your database manager. Database Management VAs are also flexible in terms of work hours and workload, and won’t need transportation benefits, insurance, and all of these other requirements physical workers have.

What Tasks Can a Database Management Virtual Assistant Do?


Database Management Virtual Assistants should be able to work on the entirety of the information keeping pipeline, especially:

  • Data entry. While it’s also ideal to hire a dedicated data entry virtual assistant, database management VAs must know proper data entry processes so they can help minimize database errors.
  • Data organization. Database management VAs should be able to properly catalog data such that information can be easily found not just by themselves, but also by data analysts and department managers.
  • Data quality checks. Database management should always include maintaining the correctness of data, whether by identifying and eliminating errors, or verifying information.
  • Monitor data access. It is important to ensure that only the correct people can look at and modify the data in order to maintain data security and accuracy.

What Skills Do Database Management Virtual Assistants Need to Have?


In order to be effective in their role, database management virtual assistants must have:

  • Familiarity with spreadsheet programs and database systems. They must already be familiar with the necessary computer apps or programs needed to maintain databases, or else their work will be slow and full of errors.
  • Attention to detail. Database management VAs need sharp eyes so they can pinpoint inaccuracies or strange movement in data, as well as quickly identify unauthorized access or changes to the database.
  • Good communication skills. Database managers must be able to coordinate well with the rest of the data team, as well as any employee that may need access to the various information stored within the database.

How Do I Hire a Database Management Virtual Assistant?

Looking for and sifting through database management virtual assistant candidates can be a daunting task. Partnering with a platform like 20four7VA can help you find qualified applicants without minimal hassle and effort. All you need to do is think of what tasks you’d like to give your VA, and 20four7VA can begin the search process.

Once 20four7VA finds a good number of candidates for you to choose from, all that’s left for you to do is interview them for culture and communication fit with your business. 20four7VA can even help train potential hires before endorsement, and aid your company with onboarding and provide customer support and VA monitoring so that any VA you like in the pool can begin work right away.

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