Timekeeping Policy

20four7VA uses a timekeeping or time tracking software that periodically captures screenshots of the VA’s computer screen while the application is running. This is an industry-standard protocol that virtual companies use as a protection for both the VAs and clients. The records or time logs provided by the software also serves as the basis of the VA’s pay upon validation of the records.

VA Notification Policy

In case of an emergency that makes you late for your shift or renders you unable to report to work, you need to send a message to or call our VA Hotline* (+63 906-440-5090) or inform your account manager via Skype about your absence or tardiness. This must be done at least an hour prior to the start of your shift.

All VAs should have Skype downloaded on their mobile phone to ensure timely notification to their account manager for shift absences. We practice a zero-tolerance policy to shift absences without notice except in emergent life-or-death situations. In these instances, please contact your account manager as soon as the imminent danger has been resolved.

* The VA Hotline is for Philippines-based VAs only. For VAs in other countries, please use Skype to notify your account manager.

Travel Policy

In case you will be working while traveling or working at a location different from your regular workplace, you need to let us know about your new temporary workplace. This is so we can ensure that the internet speed in your new location will meet the minimum requirement of 10 Mbps.

Week Withhold Policy

20four7VA implements a Week Withhold Policy. According to this policy, the company is authorized to withhold a total of 200% of your weekly pay starting on the 1st week and staggered up until the 3rd week (1st week = 100% withhold, 2nd & 3rd weeks = 50% withhold per week). We are withholding the VA’s salary for the security and guarantee of the Client and the Company. The VA’s week withhold will remain intact and will be paid to the VA as soon as the VA’s contract with a Client has been terminated and under the condition that the VA:

  • Is in good standing
  • Completes the proper exit process

Please note that there will be a withhold in pay every time the VA’s hourly rate or weekly contracted hours increases. The additional amount to be withheld will depend on the VA’s rate increase or weekly contracted hours increase. The total amount of the week withhold will always be equal to 200% of the VA’s current weekly pay.

Pay Cutoff Policy

20four7VA’s weekly payroll cutoff is Monday – Sunday ET. Pay is sent via Transferwise every Wednesday, on or before 12mn ET. For countries where Transferwise is not available, we currently utilize Payoneer as the payment gateway.

Downtime Policy

In case you experience a system downtime, your backup system/backup internet needs to be activated within 15 minutes to resume work.

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