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What is a Content Writer Virtual Assistant?


‘Content is king’ might be a cliche statement, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Content is a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing your business. That’s why many business owners who want to get their brand known and liked by potential customers invest in a content writing agency or an in-house content writer to craft excellent content for them.

But what if you’re a startup or small business with no budget to outsource work to a content writing company? What if you just don’t have the need or resources to hire a full-time content writer? That’s where content writing virtual assistants come in.

A content writer virtual assistant is a remote worker who specializes in content writing, content marketing, and content creation in general. Whatever type of content you need, you can find a virtual assistant for content writing to get the job done. They can write anything from blog posts, news articles, marketing collateral content, emails and newsletters, product descriptions, website content, eBooks, and so on.

What Can a Content Writer VA Do for You?


Not sure what types of writing tasks you can assign to content writers? Here are just a few examples of tasks that a content writer VA can do for you:

  • Press Release
    Content writers can help with the creation or syndication of press releases. These are documents containing the official statement of a company or individual. Press releases are intended for distribution to the media containing information on a particular issue.
  • Website Copy
    A content writer VA can create content intended for the main pages of the company’s website such as the About Us page, the Contact Us page, the FAQs page and the like. If you want your website to have top-notch content hiring a virtual assistant who specializes in web copywriting will do the trick.
  • Newsletter
    Content writer VAs can create newsletters intended for distribution via email or snail mail to the company’s registered subscribers. A newsletter typically contains information about recent promotions, updated information, upcoming events or a summary of recent activities.
  • Blog Post
    Want your blog to generate buzz for your company? Hire a content writer VA to create content intended for posting on your company’s blog. Blog posts contain valuable information related to your company or service. These include new product or service announcements, industry tips and best practices, and more.
  • eBook
    Content writer VAs can conduct thorough research on an assigned topic and write content for a digital book or eBook. They can also help proofread pre-written eBook content or even help you layout your eBook.
  • Product Descriptions
    A content writer VA can also create content intended to provide information or description of the features of a product that are listed on Amazon, eBay, the company’s website, or on other eCommerce sites.
  • Email Content
    Want better email marketing? Hire a content writer VA to create content for your email marketing campaigns, email series, email automations, welcome emails, and any other type of email sent out by your company.
  • Social Media Content
    Content writers can also help your social media managers craft inspiring content that can improve engagement.
  • Marketing Collateral
    Content writer VAs can help create content for flyers, posters, brochures, pamphlets, and other types of digital or print marketing collateral.

How to Hire a Content Writer VA


Finding the right virtual assistant for the job in a sea of freelancers is quite a challenge. The good news is that there are many reputable virtual staffing companies like 20four7VA who can help you hire a content writer quickly and without fuss.

Before looking for a content writer VA, whether through direct hiring or with the help of virtual staffing companies, you need to create a list of all the writing tasks you need help with first. This will help you narrow down your applicants based on their skill level and specializations.

Once you have a job description draft, you can jump on a consultation call with your chosen staffing company and discuss the job requirements with them. At 20four7VA, we provide consultations for free. This allows us to find the perfect candidates for your job and learn more about your company.

After a few days, you’ll start screening your applicants. During the screening process, make sure to check the writer’s portfolio. Samples of their writing can help you check their skill level. You can also ask them to do a quick test task.

Once you’ve chosen your content writer VA, make sure to onboard them properly too. For the next couple of weeks or months, you need to monitor their work closely to ensure that they’re the right fit for your company.

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Ready to find an Content Writer Virtual Assistant?

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