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Whether you need help with inbound or outbound calls, a Call Center VA can help improve your calling strategy.

Any serious business, even completely virtual ones, needs to utilize the phone for various purposes, including customer service, lead generation, sales, and marketing. As your business grows, you will eventually need more than one person answering the phone and making calls. That’s where call centers or call center services come in handy.

What Are Call Center Agents?

In the simplest terms, call center agents are people who field incoming calls or make outgoing calls for your business. It’s their job to answer frequently asked questions and connect customers with the appropriate members of your staff. They’re often the front line for businesses that deal with consumers, from small startups to multinational companies.

Although people usually think of using call centers just for inbound phone calls, call centers are also quite useful for businesses that need callers to do outbound calls. For instance, an agent can be a valuable member of your sales or marketing team.

What is a Virtual Call Center Assistant?


Call center solutions are perfect for various business functions, but building an in-house call center team can be quite expensive. Also, many call centers or call center agencies can be rigid when it comes to their services. If you need a truly flexible call center solution, consider getting a call center virtual assistant (VA).

Call center virtual assistants (VA) are freelancers or remote contractors who can do a wide range of call center tasks, including customer service, tech support, sales calls, and more. The main differences between your typical call center agent and a call center VA are pricing, flexibility, and workspace. Standard call center agents are employed by a company and work in an office. You will have to hire them to work for you full time, and they usually have fixed schedules set by their parent company (unless you have them working directly for you).

On the other hand, call center virtual assistants can work for you full-time or part-time, and you can adjust the size of your team more easily when you work with them. Without the usual overhead costs associated with local employees, a virtual call center assistant can also help employers cut staffing costs.

Your virtual assistant can work at home if they have the necessary equipment. If you need your VA to have access to better computers or phones, 100% internet and electricity uptime, and better security, you can get 20four7VA Call Center Services. Our call center virtual assistants work at our partner call centers, so they have the best equipment and guaranteed uptime.

Call center virtual assistants are excellent additions to any team. Whether you have a hybrid business setup with both local and virtual employees or a completely virtual workspace, outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant service can help business owners and entrepreneurs boost efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, find more leads, increase sales, and go head-to-head with their toughest competitors.

What Tasks Can a Call Center Virtual Assistant Do?


If you’re thinking about boosting your team’s efficiency and output, here are some of the inbound and outbound calling tasks you can assign to a virtual assistant.

Receptionist Duties

Plenty of businesses worldwide get virtual assistant services in place of standard front desk receptionists to take calls, schedule appointments, and fulfill other receptionist duties for your business.

Customer Support

Providing customer support or customer service is another major task that you can get virtual assistant services for. A customer service virtual assistant can answer calls from customers or clients and help them resolve their issues and anything else that needs attention. This way, your clients and customers will have a great experience, and your customer satisfaction rating will increase. Boosting your customer support hotlines is also a good way to build long-lasting business relationships and generate more repeat clients and customers.

Personal Assistance

You can hire a virtual assistant to be your virtual personal assistant too. They can screen your calls, make travel arrangements for you, do appointment setting, help get any information you need, and so on.

Lead Generation

Your virtual assistant can identify potential leads so that you or your sales team or local agents can follow up with them. They can also build a list of contacts or prospects for your business.

Order Taking

Businesses looking to break into local markets or expand their reach can get a virtual call center service to take orders for them. They can either place the order themselves and send it over to you once they’re done, or they can transfer the order back to your standard agents, who then process the order.

Tech Support

Virtual call center services are great for technical support. Their agents can help troubleshoot your hardware, software, or technical problems and provide you with additional information about fixing them.


You can get a virtual assistant or even a team of virtual assistants to conduct surveys on your behalf so that you can hear out what your clients and customers really think about the service they’re getting. You can also use this opportunity to ask people about their needs and wants, so you know what kind of offers they want to see from you.

Virtual assistants can surely do many things for you, and the list above barely scrapes the barrel. The good news is that since virtual assistant services with call centers like us provide competitive packages, you can get as many or as few virtual assistant tasks as you want, depending on your business needs.

What Skills Does a Virtual Call Center Assistant Need to Have?


Before hiring calling professionals to do your customer service, sales, lead generation, or admin tasks, it’s important to know exactly what to look for. Here are some of the top skills virtual assistants need to have.

Customer Service Skills

Whether it’s an inbound or outbound customer service virtual assistant, you’ll want to make sure that the agent has some background experience in customer service. Otherwise, they won’t be able to provide your clients and customers with quality support.

Technical Skills

You’ll need some technical knowledge from your agents so that they can help with a smooth and seamless experience for your customers. If you’re not sure exactly what kind of technical skills they should have, we’ll be happy to look over their qualifications before placing them with you.

Writing Skills

While it’s possible to outsource certain writing tasks like emails and newsletters, in order to maintain consistency and branding, your virtual assistants need to learn how to write in the tone of voice that your business and brand uses.

Sales Skills

If you’re looking for virtual call center services with sales channels, then you’ll definitely want skilled sales professionals on board who knows how to zero in on leads, qualify prospects, and find out what they really need from the get-go.

Conversational Skills

Hiring virtual assistants with good conversational skills will help a great deal in building rapport and trust with your clients and customers, as well as helping the agents build customer relationships.

Listening Skills

Not only should your virtual assistants or callers be able to hold a conversation, but they should also exhibit excellent listening skills. After all, they will probably be listening to plenty of technical requests or customers who are beyond reason, so listening ability is just as important.

How Do I Get Virtual Call Center Services?

The easiest way to achieve success when it comes to hiring virtual assistants or callers is to rely on an expert virtual staffing provider like 20four7VA! We pre-screen, vet, and train virtual assistants for you so that you can just focus on interviewing and choosing the right VA for your business.

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