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Looking for a quick, efficient, and affordable way to get remote business support? We’ve partnered with Asher Sernack of Buddies Pet Shop to give you access to a cost-effective and scalable staffing solution

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Buddies Pet Shop is an independent pet specialist company that caters to pets and their hoomans worldwide. They offer a wide range of unique pet products for pet owners to spoil their adorable fur babies with! From collars and leashes to toys and pet beds, Buddies Pet Shop provides high-quality pet supplies at incredible prices.

20four7VA gives you the power to hire from a global pool of pre-screened and pre-trained virtual assistants. Avoid the hassle of recruitment with our end-to-end staffing solution and no-turnover guarantee.

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From cost savings to staffing flexibility to ongoing support, HR, and payroll services, hiring a remote worker from 20four7VA can equip your business with the right recipe for growth like we did for Buddies Pet Shop. 

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