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Any business that looks to expand its reach will benefit from speaking the same language as its target audience. That’s where hiring a bilingual virtual assistant (VA) can make a vast difference. A bilingual virtual assistant is an invaluable asset to any business. Their skills can help break language barriers and create more business opportunities.


A virtual assistant is an umbrella term for remote professionals with a wide variety of skills. VAs have different specializations, including administrative work, real estate, marketing, IT services, and more. A bilingual virtual assistant can provide the same VA services while speaking two languages. This type of VA can communicate with clients more effectively and potentially open up new avenues for the business to explore.



The benefits of hiring a bilingual virtual assistant are immense. Businesses that employ this type of VA can enjoy the following benefits:

Save Money

Virtual staffing is an excellent staffing solution for businesses that want to increase productivity without bloating their overhead costs. Even if you offer bilingual differential pay, hiring bilingual VAs is more cost-efficient than hiring in-house staff. You’ll work with a skilled professional who can fluently speak two languages and get the work done without additional costs. With a bilingual VA, you can expect to save on medical insurance, equipment expenses, transportation allowances, etc.

Increase Productivity

There are virtual assistants for almost any type of task. You can find virtual medical scribes for your healthcare facility or bilingual agents for your busy sales department. Whatever your business needs help with, you’ll surely be able to find a virtual assistant to get the work done. They can help you increase your team’s productivity by providing top-notch service in the comfort of their own home office.

Improve Employee Well-Being

Hiring competent virtual assistants can help make the workload more manageable. You can delegate tasks to your virtual assistants so your in-house staff can gain control of their time. This can help avoid burnout and manage the stress caused by a heavy workload. You and the rest of your team will surely feel the difference of having virtual assistants on board.

Break Communication Barriers and Reach More Customers

Hiring a VA is already a great business move if you want to increase productivity and manage your team’s workload. But with a bilingual VA, you can expect even more benefits. You can get deep insights only fluent or native speakers of a particular language can provide. They can capture the nuances and ideas that cannot be easily translated using an app like Google Translate. These insights and valuable feedback may just be what you need to create suitable marketing copies or sales spiels for your target audience.

Provide Round-the-Clock Customer Service in the Right Language

If you have clients residing in a different time zone or outside your usual business hours, you can hire bilingual VAs to cater to them. Moreover, clients who prefer to speak in their native tongue will appreciate the ease of communicating with a representative who can speak their language.

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As mentioned above, you can find a virtual assistant for just about any task. Before starting the recruitment process, it’s essential to know what type of virtual assistant you need. Here’s a list of the most common specializations to give you a better idea of what VAs — including bilingual virtual assistants — can do for your business.

Administrative Tasks

  • Data Entry
  • Answer Client or Patient Calls and Emails
  • Executive Assistant Duties
  • File Management
  • Appointment Booking

Business Support Tasks

  • Market Research
  • Lead Generation
  • Cold Calls
  • Translation Services
  • Reports Generation
  • Database Management for Prospective and Established Clients

Customer Service

  • Handle Customer Inquiries
  • Answer Client Phone Calls and Emails
  • Log Customer Service Incidents
  • Provide Order Status Updates
  • Administer Client Surveys

Creative Services

  • Marketing Collateral Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Book or Toolkit Creation
  • Edit Videos and Podcasts
  • Craft Social Media Materials
  • And Much More!


Computer Proficiency

All virtual assistants need a computer and reliable internet access to perform well. They must know how to navigate standard programs like those in MS Office or Google Workspace. Additionally, they must be proficient enough to troubleshoot simple computer and internet issues.

Excellent Communication Skills

By definition, bilingual virtual assistants speak two languages fluently. They must be able to communicate well both verbally and in written form. If you’re an American business looking to tap the Hispanic market, then you will need VAs who speak fluent English and Spanish. They can help you localize your efforts, refine strategies, and communicate with your target audience in a language they’re most comfortable with.

Highly Collaborative

A VA should be able to collaborate closely with the rest of the team, even if they’re working remotely. They should be familiar with collaboration tools and synchronous and asynchronous communication apps. You should look for a VA who can be a team player eager to exchange ideas. Open communication and constant collaboration can lead to innovative programs and solutions for your business.

Strong Customer Service Mindset

Having a customer-centric approach is an essential trait for VAs. Whether your VAs are online sales administrators or inside sales agents, they should always be ready to lend a helping hand. Excellent customer service can increase your chances for repeat purchases and long-term relationships with clients. You can find a remote talent who already has previous customer service experience. Alternatively, you can hire someone who may be a beginner but is willing to learn the ropes.


Look for a VA with the technical skills and the right attitude. A self-motivated VA will help save you or your team even more time and energy. Proactive VAs won’t need someone to follow up on tasks assigned to them. And if there are concerns or unavoidable causes of delays, they will be transparent enough to communicate them promptly.


There are plenty of channels to pursue when looking for virtual assistant services. You can post on your business’ online platforms or post job ads on career websites. But the recruitment process doesn’t end with one click. You’ll need to screen applications, do background checks, and take plenty of other steps to hire a bilingual VA. The entire process can take up much of your time and energy, especially if remote talent recruitment is not your core function. So why not work with a top-notch remote staffing agency like 20four7VA?

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20four7VA is an Inc. 5000 company with a decade of remote staffing experience. We are dedicated to delivering our clients the right virtual assistant services while providing remote talents with rewarding career opportunities. We’ve helped over 2,900 clients (and counting) find the virtual staffing solutions they need, and we can do the same for you!

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  2. We’ll find VA candidates that match your approved job description (JD).
  3. We will arrange interview appointments with shortlisted candidates. We can also help administer test tasks when necessary.
  4. After you’ve selected your VA from the shortlisted candidates, we’ll set up your account. Your Bilingual Virtual Assistant can start the next business day.

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