BigCommerce Virtual Assistant

BigCommerce Virtual Assistant

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What is a BigCommerce Virtual Assistant?

BigCommerce Virtual Assistant

eCommerce is a digital transformation that all retail businesses need to undertake. But before you start your eCommerce business, you need to do some research about the different platforms available first. There are platforms like Amazon that let you list your products within their system, and then there are those like BigCommerce that let you fully customize your eCommerce experience for your customers.

When you’re growing a strong brand with its own dedicated following, having your own eCommerce site via BigCommerce can provide you with much more value than a simple store on Amazon. Unfortunately, handling your own BigCommerce storefront can be even more complex than maintaining an Amazon account. This is where hiring a BigCommerce specialist can help you.

Whether you get a freelance BigCommerce specialist or a full-time virtual assistant, they can help you maintain your business in many different ways. From website maintenance to inventory maintenance to digital marketing, you can look for a BigCommerce specialist who suits your needs.

Hiring a BigCommerce virtual assistant (VA), in particular, can be very helpful. Hiring a VA versus hiring a local employee offers you plenty of benefits such as a wider talent pool, especially if you look at offshore virtual assistants. This means better odds of an exact fit to your needs, whether it be skill or schedule. Hiring a VA is also more cost-effective than hiring a physical employee. With a VA, you don’t need to pay for overheads such as office space, equipment, or things like insurance and travel allowances.

BigCommerce Virtual Assistant

What Tasks can a BigCommerce Virtual Assistant Do?

A BigCommerce Virtual Assistant can handle different kinds of tasks based on the type you hire, whether it be a BigCommerce digital marketing virtual assistant, or a developer VA. No matter what exact type of BigCommerce expertise you need, here are some things you can ask a BigCommerce VA to do. From this list, you can better determine what kind you’ll need:

  • Web performance enhancement

A developer VA can help analyze your BigCommerce site for bugs or fixes that need to be done and then work on those. They can also look for ways to increase your site’s performance and security. This is especially important for eCommerce sites since you will be handling monetary transactions.

  • Content maintenance

Whether it be updating SKUs, prices, and listings, or tweaking the tone of your website, a BigCommerce VA can help keep your site’s content up to date and within your brand’s tone guidelines. A content expert can also help with some of your marketing materials and social media posts.

  • Digital marketing

A BigCommerce VA who specializes in digital marketing can help you with social media, email, and other digital marketing campaigns to help strengthen your brand’s image and sales.

  • Customer support

You can get a VA for your BigCommerce site that can handle customer inquiries and disputes, so you can increase customer satisfaction and retention.

What Kinds of Qualities Does a BigCommerce Virtual Assistant Need to Have?

BigCommerce Virtual Assistant

No matter what kind of BigCommerce VA you hire, they all need to have at least the following basic qualities:

  • Good communication skills

Even if you get an internal-facing BigCommerce virtual assistant, they will still need to coordinate with the rest of the team to maximize any improvements they want to make to your website. Therefore, they have to be able to relay their ideas clearly to different people.

  • Organization and task management

VAs have to multi-task. Even a specialized VA, like a developer, will need to handle multiple tickets at once. Therefore, they should be able to organize their work well so that things don’t fall through the cracks.

How Can I Hire a BigCommerce Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a BigCommerce virtual assistant can seem daunting. First, you need to identify your needs. Next, you need to look for candidates. Afterward, you have to sift through all these candidates — and it doesn’t end there. You still have to work out a way to onboard, and then monitor, your VAs.

Thankfully, partnering with companies like 20four7VA can help greatly reduce VA hiring overhead and stress. All you have to do is schedule a no-obligation consultation call, and 20four7VA can help you work out your needs, and then start shortlisting candidates for you. All you’ll have to do is interview the shortlisted candidates for the best fit, and then the company will even help you onboard and monitor the VA you choose.

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