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Online marketplace giant Amazon provides sellers on the platform with a wide range of tools that they can use to be successful Amazon sellers. Amazon Seller Central, for instance, is already being utilized by thousands upon thousands of people who want to sell their products to millions of Amazon users worldwide. But there is another way to increase your sales on Amazon that is more exclusive than Amazon Seller Central — the Amazon Vendor Central.

What is Amazon Vendor Central?


Amazon Seller Central allows you to become a third-party seller on Amazon which means that Seller Central users sell their products directly to Amazon consumers. This also means that they have complete control over the pricing, marketing, messaging, and fulfillment of products in their store.

On the other hand, Amazon Vendor Central is an invite-only platform that is exclusive to first-party sellers or direct suppliers, so Vendor Central users sell their products directly to Amazon. This means that after purchasing from you, Amazon is in charge of selling your products to its massive consumer base. Don’t confuse Amazon Vendor Central with Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA. FBA is simply a fulfillment option for third-party sellers. With Amazon Vendor Central, Amazon both sells your products and fulfills the orders.

There are several benefits to selling on Amazon Vendor Central versus Seller Central. One advantage is that your products have the “sold by Amazon” or “sold and fulfilled by Amazon” seal of approval. This instills confidence in your buyers and increases the chances of your products being chosen over other similar products from third-party Amazon sellers.

Another significant advantage of selling on Vendor Central is the simplified selling and fulfillment process. Since you’re selling to Amazon directly, you just have to worry about filling purchase orders from Amazon and ensuring proper billing. Amazon Vendor Central also provides vendors with enhanced advertising and marketing opportunities, including A+ content and Amazon Marketing Services or AMS.

Of course, Amazon Vendor Central has its cons as well. As a vendor, you’re pretty limited in terms of pricing because Amazon won’t place a purchase order for your products if they deem your pricing too high.

What is an Amazon Vendor Central Virtual Assistant?

Although managing an Amazon Vendor Central account is easier compared to managing an Amazon Seller Central account, there are still plenty of tasks you need to do to ensure that your business is operating smoothly. That’s what an Amazon Vendor Central virtual assistant (VA) can help you with.

Like an Amazon Seller virtual assistant, an Amazon Vendor Central virtual assistant also helps Amazon businesses manage their sales. Unlike Amazon Seller Central VAs, however, Amazon Vendor Central VAs don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of selling direct to consumers. An Amazon Vendor Central virtual assistant works remotely to help business owners handle the finer points of Amazon Vendor Central management and operation. So, what exactly can an Amazon Vendor Central VA do for you? Read on to find out.

Tasks to Assign to an Amazon Vendor Central VA


As a vendor manager, your Amazon Vendor Central VA can help you keep your operations smooth sailing. Here are some of the tasks that you can delegate to your Amazon Central VA.

Daily Checks for Orders, Shipments, and Submissions

Your Amazon Vendor Central dashboard will show you an excellent summary of your orders, shipments, and submissions, but it needs to be monitored closely and checked at least once a day. This can be very time-consuming, so it’s best to leave the daily checks to Amazon virtual assistants. Your VA can check any new orders for your products, check pending shipments, resolve shipment issues, and see if your product listing submissions have been approved.

Check for Chargebacks, Disputes, and Case Logs

Just because Amazon handles several aspects of selling doesn’t mean that using the Vendor Central is all smooth-sailing. Your VA can monitor any chargebacks (fees that Amazon charges to you due to non-compliance issues), check disputes, and look at case logs for the status of your vendor support requests. They can then create a summary of these reports for your perusal.

Monitor Vendor Operational Performance

Your VA can also check your Vendor Operational Performance dashboard to see vital statistics related to orders, product listing violations, chargebacks, and overall vendor performance. With these statistics, you can make adjustments to your operations to reduce chargebacks from Amazon.

What Vendor Central Management Skills Should Your VA Have?


Your Amazon Vendor Central virtual assistant should possess a combination of hard skills and soft skills to help you manage and grow your Amazon business effectively. For one, they must be knowledgeable with all the terms and tools used on both vendor central and seller central. Good communication and creative skills are pluses as well, especially if you want your VA to assist you with the marketing aspect of running your Amazon store.

As for soft skills, you want to make sure that the VA you’re hiring pays attention to even the smallest detail. Plenty of the tasks that your vendor central VA will be assigned to are routine checks. If they’re not careful, you might end up with inaccurate reports and ineffective strategies.

How to Hire an Amazon Vendor Central VA

If you want to hire a VA to help manage your vendor central account, the most efficient method to do so is to work with a trusted virtual staffing provider like 20four7VA. 20four7VA has a wide pool of pre-vetted and pre-trained virtual assistants who are well-versed in using the Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms.

Aside from having a wide database of skilled Amazon virtual assistants, we also match VAs with potential clients for free, so you only need to pay once you’ve hired someone. Aside from helping you with the matching and hiring process, 20four7VA also offers complete assistance with the onboarding and monitoring aspects of working with a VA, and we even have dedicated Account Managers who can provide you with quick assistance on any issue you might have.

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