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Make your Amazon product listings more attractive to buyers with help from an Amazon Product Listing Virtual Assistant.

Thousands of online sellers continue to grow their eCommerce business in Amazon simply because customers trust them as the most successful online shopping platform. A survey conducted last 2019 noted that 89% of US buyers are more likely to purchase something on Amazon than any other eCommerce platform, and it’s easy to see why.

Amazon has earned the confidence of its customers over the years by providing a direct and reliable customer service experience. The eCommerce behemoth appears to derive most of its success from consumer confidence inspired by on-time product delivery, responsive customer service, and a diverse product offering.

If you are a new eCommerce business owner, you might be wondering how you can attract consumers to buy your products quickly and easily in the face of thousands of competitors. The general rule of thumb for getting noticed is to make sure your item compares favorably to other products.

There are several strategies available that outline the steps on how to stand out in Amazon’s highly competitive marketplace. Though most of them have been proven to work most of the time, all you need is an optimized and convincing copy to entice people to purchase your products.

This is where Amazon Product Listings come into play.

What are Amazon Product Listings?

Simply put, Amazon Product Listings are the information written on each product sold on the eCommerce platform.

Listings usually consist of important product details such as title, descriptions, price, photos, and reviews. To some, product listings make for easy work. Simply copy the information written on the product box or brochure, and your product listing is good to go. However, in reality, it is so much more than that.

Think of it this way. Listings are the first thing that pops up when customers click on the product page. Aside from giving buyers the information they need on a product, listings can also persuade customers into buying your item. When you don’t have an informative and persuasive product listing, your prospective buyers are more likely to choose a similar product with a more appealing and convincing listing.

Amazon has also enforced stringent policies when it comes to product listings. For example, product titles should not have more than 200 characters, including spaces. Amazon requires some categories to have a shorter product title.

So, as an Amazon seller, it’s paramount that the product copy listed on each page is informative, complete with valuable details, and can easily persuade people to take action.

Another thing to consider is optimizing your Amazon product listings. Since Amazon has thousands of online sellers, ranking well in the platform’s search results is critical. When consumers type in similar keywords to your items, you want to be at the top of the search results.

Again, there are many ways to improve visibility through product listings, from using relevant keywords and uploading high-quality product photos to ensuring that the listings use correct spelling and grammar.

By optimizing your product listings, your business can attract more customers, increase conversions and generate sales.

What is an Amazon Product Listing Virtual Assistant?


If you’re new to Amazon, there’s a probable chance that you don’t know how to create and optimize Amazon product listings.

Not to worry — there are many Amazon product listing specialists out there who can help you with your eCommerce business so that you can focus more on essential business needs.

Not familiar with what an Amazon webstore specialist is? An Amazon Product Listing Virtual Assistant’s (VA) primary function is to study, develop, and optimize product listings for your eCommerce company. These tasks are necessary to improve traffic, conversion, and sales for your Amazon business.

Product listing experts ensure that the listings remain relevant and appealing to Amazon customers.


What Tasks Can an Amazon Product Listing Virtual Assistant Do?

Amazon listing optimization freelancers and VAs do more than just write listings. Here are just some of the many tasks they can do:

  • Product Research

Without product knowledge and research, your listings will remain irrelevant and obsolete. Amazon Product Listing VAs thoroughly research each product to create effective and up-to-date listings.

  • Copywriting 

When hiring an Amazon Listing Specialist, you must ensure that he/she can write persuasive and grammatically correct copy to entice customers into purchasing your products.

  • Update Product Listings

Listing specialists regularly need to check all product listings and ensure that they remain accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date.

  • Troubleshoot Listings

As mentioned earlier, Amazon has specific rules when it comes to product listings. Amazon Product Listings VAs ensure that all your product listings remain compliant by monitoring and resolving listing errors while efficiently communicating with Amazon Seller Central Support.

  • Optimize Amazon listings

Amazon Product Listing VAs write efficient product descriptions and source or produce high-quality images that will improve your search visibility and attract more customers to buy your products.

  • Keyword Research

Aside from crafting excellent copy and content, Amazon Product Listings VA also researches relevant keywords that can help improve your search rankings in Amazon and make your products stand out from the rest.

How Can I Hire an Amazon Product Listing Virtual Assistant?

It is critical that you hire an Amazon Product Listing VA from a credible and dependable job site. It’s even better if you can find them via a reputable eCommerce virtual assistant service provider, such as 20four7VA.

20four7VA has a large pool of pre-vetted and pre-trained virtual assistants who are highly knowledgeable in creating and optimizing Amazon product listings.

A full-service virtual recruitment agency, such as ours, can help you search for eligible Amazon Listing Specialists in our large pool of Amazon VAs. As soon as we’ve identified the list of candidates, we then initiate the screening process, allowing business owners like you to focus more on scaling your business.

20four7VA’s goal is to look for the best applicants for your business, whether entry-level, professional, full-time, or part-time.

After these applicants have been vetted and presented, a company representative will interview them to ensure that whoever you choose fits with the company’s culture and values, in addition to being eligible for the role. The business would then be supported by 20four7VA in onboarding and tracking the performance of their preferred VA.

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