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Get your Amazon PPC ads to work harder by letting an Amazon PPC Virtual Assistant take care of it for you.

What is Amazon PPC?


Amazon Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is an advertising model the giant retail site uses, wherein advertisers only pay for ads when they’re clicked. Buying Amazon PPC ad slots can vastly increase the visibility of your brand or product.

There are three ad types for Amazon PPC ads. The first is sponsored products, which is the more standard sponsored search ad and works much like Google’s Adwords. The second type is sponsored brands, which gives you a banner where you can showcase a custom headline and highlight three products on top of the search results page. Lastly, there are sponsored display ads, which can send shoppers directly to your product detail pages and can also appear outside Amazon, as part of Amazon remarketing.

Each Amazon ad type has its own strengths and weaknesses. As you can imagine, it is a complex system and requires the creation of a good PPC campaign, ideally with the input of an Amazon PPC expert.

How Can an Amazon PPC Virtual Assistant Help Your Business?


An Amazon PPC Virtual Assistant (or VA) is one kind of PPC expert Amazon sellers or vendors can hire. An amazon PPC Assistant can take your daily budget for your advertising campaigns and create well-thought-out campaigns that can increase advertising cost efficiency.

With an expert Amazon PPC assistant on your team, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming tasks that are necessary for creating a good Amazon marketing campaign. After all, being an Amazon business is stressful enough on its own, with product management, inventory, and tight competition to worry about, among other things.

Wondering how an Amazon PPC assistant works? These expert VAs can handle a wide range of tasks such as keyword research, product research, and ad performance monitoring. Afterward, they condense their learnings from hours of work into an easily digestible package for you to read through and approve.

On top of helping you manage your time by doing the tasks you may not have the time nor inclination for, an Amazon virtual assistant can help you save costs. They can do this in multiple ways. First, by maximizing each cent you pay for Amazon PPC ads. Next, by saving on costs you’d need to spend on an in-house physical employee. A virtual employee doesn’t need transportation allowance, insurance, office space, or office equipment. They can also be more willing to negotiate on wages given that they can work from the comfort of home.

Hiring a virtual assistant also means you can access a global pool of talent without having to worry about relocation. This access means not only being able to pick the level of expertise that suits your needs, but also the specific kind of work hours you think is best for you. You won’t be constrained by standard 9-5 work hours, nor do you even have to stick to the common four- or eight-hour formats.

What Tasks Can an Amazon PPC Virtual Assistant Do?


A virtual assistant can open up way more possibilities for your business than a physical employee can but still work on the same kinds of tasks you would have a regular employee do. Here are just some of the specific things Amazon PPC virtual assistants can do for you:

Keyword Research

The core of PPC marketing is knowing the right keywords. Your Amazon PPC VA can do the legwork in finding out the best keywords to bid on, and what kinds of match types to choose to use.

Campaign Creation

Based on keyword research, product research, and customer research, your Amazon PPV VA can craft efficient campaigns that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Campaign Assessment & Optimization

No matter how good a plan is, real-life on-the-ground conditions can reveal previously unseen weaknesses or even unexpected wins. An amazon PPC VA should be able to create and monitor campaign KPIs to iterate on the campaign and continue to increase the effectiveness of your ads.

Budget or Accounting Reports

Amazon PPC entails continuous spending, and while you want to be able to reach as many customers as you can, you also want to make sure that you stay within your budget. Your Amazon PPC VA can keep track of your ad spending and give you visibility on this.

What Skills Does an Amazon PPC Virtual Assistant Need to Have?

Creating a successful and efficient Amazon PPC campaign is no simple matter. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that whoever you hire to lead this has the right skills and qualifications. Here are some things to watch out for:


Optimizing campaigns for efficiency means looking at a lot of numbers and finding trends and identifying issues. The ability to look at statistics and the mind to analyze them are therefore integral to any Amazon PPC VA.

Good Communication Skills

An Amazon PPC VA needs to be able to fully understand your wants and needs, as well as help you understand the constraints and limitations of the platform and budget. As such, they should be able to communicate well their needs and ideas, so that the entire team can be harmoniously aligned.


There are many tasks an Amazon PPC VA must fulfill, and some of them can take quite a bit of time. Your VA must be able to manage and list out their tasks in a clear, manageable manner in order to be efficient.

Knowledgeable in Consumer Behaviour

An Amazon PPC VA should have both interest and knowledge in how your customers think and act. Whether by following social media, or looking at formal papers on consumer insight, they should have the drive to continue updating themselves in order to have an excellent gut-feel on campaign direction.

How Can I Hire an Amazon PPC Virtual Assistant?

There are many benefits to hiring an Amazon PPC VA, but it can be daunting to start the hiring process. The very same core benefit to getting a VA — your choice of expertise, experience, and a worldwide pool — means that you have to sift through way more candidates than you usually would. Monitoring VAs can also have a bit of a learning curve if you’ve never done it before.

This is where partnering with a company like 20four7VA can help. 20four7VA can help you identify what you need and look for appropriate candidates. They can handle the initial screening so that all you have to do is interview the shortlisted candidates for the best fit for your business. Afterward, they also help you onboard and VA, so that they can seamlessly fit into your current system. To start your journey on getting the perfect Amazon PPC VA, all you have to do is schedule a no-obligation pre-consultation call and you’re all set!

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