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Looking for tips and tricks to boost your Amazon store? Hire an Amazon Consultant Virtual Assistant!

What is an Amazon Consultant Virtual Assistant?


Amazon sellers have access to a vast range of customers and services. But sometimes, that same vastness causes confusion just as much as it creates opportunity. From navigating your seller central, to creating optimum product listings, to considering fulfillment by Amazon FBA or other Amazon products and services — there are so many aspects to selling on Amazon that makes it hard to stay on top of everything, especially if you’re managing your business alone.

The thing is, even just identifying precisely what tasks you need help with can be challenging already. Luckily, business owners can now find excellent and cost-efficient Amazon consulting services to help them out. An Amazon seller consultant can help business owners look at the different steps you take in using your Amazon account and see where they can increase returns. They are versatile and can help you improve on whatever you need, from account management to product listing optimization. Later on, you can also choose to get more specialized help, like an Amazon FBA consultant or even an Amazon MBA one, based on the recommendations and improvements your Amazon consultant gives.

One great thing about Amazon consultant experts is that you don’t need to hire a full-time, local employee. You can choose to look for consulting services virtually, which gives you a worldwide pool of talent and removes the costs associated with a local employee such as office space, equipment, and transportation. An Amazon consultant virtual assistant (VA) can give you all the expertise you need, with only a fraction of the cost of a physical employee.

What Tasks Can an Amazon Consultant Virtual Assistant Do?


An Amazon consultant virtual assistant can help your Amazon business in many different ways, such as by handling the following for you:

  • Optimize your product listings

Search engine optimization is a critical aspect of making sure potential customers see your product. An Amazon consultant VA can help you research and identify strategic keywords to include in your product listings to maximize traffic while ensuring that product listings are still sensible and enticing.

  • Digital Marketing

Amazon consultant VAs can navigate Amazon PPC and help you learn how to properly advertise your products through Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). They can walk you through the different kinds of marketing products that Amazon offers and help you create and implement efficient ways to improve your products’ visibility on Amazon. They are also not limited to marketing within the Amazon platform. They can come up with social media and other digital content to entice customers to purchase from you.

  • Inventory management

Whether through Fulfillment by Amazon (also known as Amazon FBA) or other means, an Amazon consultant can help you establish a suitable inventory management protocol and help you keep track of it moving forward.

  • Customer support

Part of Amazon seller consulting is helping you attract return customers. An Amazon consultant VA can help you by not only dealing with customer queries but also by helping you establish a good customer response pipeline/

What Qualities Does an Amazon Consultant Virtual Assistant Need to Have?


Amazon consulting requires both expertise and a good mindset. Here are just some things you should look for when hiring an Amazon consultant VA:

  • Organization

Amazon consultant VAs assess and optimize many parts of your business. Because they deal with so many data points, they should be capable of categorizing and keeping track of everything well.

  • Good communication skills

An Amazon consultant not only communicates with you and your team but also your customers, whether via product descriptions, ad copy, or answering customer inquiries. So, they need to be able to communicate well not only verbally but also on paper.

  • Analytical and critical thinking

Optimizing business is complex and requires a lot of research and piecing together disparate information. An Amazon consultant should be sharp and able to see the full story to help businesses be more efficient.

How Can I Hire an Amazon Consultant Virtual Assistant?

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Hiring an Amazon consultant virtual assistant can be challenging. You may not know where to start or how to check for credibility and many other important VA skills and characteristics. This is where hiring a company like 20four7VA, with a long history and several good reviews, can help.

20four7VA can help you find out what you need and shortlist qualified candidates so that you only need to interview suitable applicants and choose the best fit for you. They can also help you onboard and track the performance of your VA so that you don’t add more things to your plate. You can get started by scheduling a no-obligation consultation call with 20four7VA to start you on your journey to getting the perfect VA for your business.

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