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What Are Amazon A+ Pages, and How Do I Get One?

Simply put, Amazon A+ pages are listings on Amazon that contain Amazon A+ Content. This is enhanced multimedia content in your product listing that can help enhance your product’s image in your customers’ minds. A+ content in Amazon can help you create a richer brand story for your products, making them more compelling.

According to the team of Amazon, having an Amazon A+ page can increase your sales by 3-10% on average by letting you add beautiful multimedia detail and enhancing your marketing content. In addition, Amazon A+ doesn’t just help you highlight product features and help overcome customers’ purchase barriers; the best Amazon A+ pages can even help improve their products’ page rankings on the Amazon Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The good news is that all vendors, and all sellers under Amazon’s managed selling programs, are automatically eligible to add A+ content. For other sellers, access to this feature can be unlocked by simply registering in the Amazon Brand Registry. Once qualified, all you have to do to start using A+ features is log in to your Amazon Vendor Central account and enter the “A+ Content Manager” under the “merchandising” tab, or log in to your Seller Central account and click on the “A+ Content Manager” from the “advertising” tab.

How Can an Amazon A+ Pages Virtual Assistant Improve My Business?


An Amazon A+ Pages Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you maximize this powerful tool the Amazon brand is letting you access. With the sheer volume of Amazon stores out there, being an Amazon seller can be challenging. Differentiating your products and brand from others can sometimes feel like an insurmountable hurdle. Having an Amazon virtual assistant can help you choose what kind of content best fit your brand and products, and enable you to rise above the rest.

An Amazon A+ Pages VA can help you choose which high-quality photos and high-definition videos can add more life and color to your brand story. They can also help come up with the most compelling comparison charts for your audience, and implement various marketing and branding plans onto your Amazon product pages.

What Kind of Tasks Can an Amazon A+ Pages Virtual Assistant Do?

  • Content writing

    Your Amazon A+ Pages VA must be able to write persuasive and accurate content in order to entice customers to purchase your products.

  • Content layout

    Adding images and other multimedia content can increase product page impressions and conversion. However, it’s not enough to just randomly add various media onto a page. Your Amazon A+ Pages VA can format and layout the pages to maximize the effectiveness of your chosen media.

  • Basic graphic design

    An Amazon A+ Pages VA can supplement your available multimedia content with basic graphics to better tie them in with your copy.

  • Competitor research

    It’s important to keep abreast of the techniques your competition uses. An Amazon A+ Pages VA can help keep track of this and apply appropriate changes to your own product pages. They can even do more in-depth product research to create comparison statistics that can tip the odds in your favor when battling against specific competitors in a consumer’s mind.

  • Execution analysis

    Your VA can keep track of your A+ content implementation and measure its effectiveness by comparing it to your baseline. As more time passes, your VA will be able to have a good idea of what kinds of media and execution are more effective for conversions.

What Skills Does My Amazon A+ Pages Virtual Assistant Need to Have?

  • Creative

    Your Amazon A+ VA must be able to think of good ways to differentiate your brand and products from others. While there should be some standard comparisons and parallels, your VA must be able to highlight unique spins to your brand and be able to come up with fresh content continuously.

  • Good written communication skills

    Your VA must be able to write copy that fits your brand and encourages conversion. They must be able to write persuasively and concisely.

  • Organized

    Since handling a brand can entail handling many products at once, your VA must be able to catalog all the highlights of your different products, as well as to measure and keep track of various media styles and techniques for effectiveness. Without this, your VA will only be implementing shot-in-the-dark executions instead of good, targeted content.

How Can I Hire an Amazon A+ Pages Virtual Assistant?

Handling an Amazon business is no easy matter. While hiring a virtual assistant has distinct pros such as access to a worldwide talent pool and cost savings vs a physical employee, going into the wide web to look for one can seem daunting.

That’s where hiring a company like 20four7VA can help. Companies like 20four7VA can help you through the entire process of hiring your VA, from identifying needs, sourcing qualified applicants, to onboarding and monitoring. All you need to do is schedule a no-obligation consultation call, and 20four7VA’s representatives will walk you through the entire process.

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