Our Team

Our talented team is always dedicated to delivering amazing results.







Our Virtual Assistants

Our virtual assistants come from all over the world and are all college-educated with excellent English communication skills. Our workforce is composed of VAs with various skill sets, specializations, and levels of experience.

Our VAs have all been vetted and pre-trained. They are able to provide administrative virtual assistant services, eCommerce virtual assistant services, and specialist virtual assistant services. Click here to know more about the services that our VAs can offer you.

The Team Behind Our VAs

Executive Team

  • Catherine vanVonno Ph.D.
    Catherine vanVonno Ph.D. President and CEO
  • Czarina Espiritu
    Czarina Espiritu Sales Director
  • Jennifer del Rosario
    Jennifer del Rosario Operations Director
  • Ianthe Seno
    Ianthe Seno Accounting Manager
  • Jossa Soler
    Jossa Soler Digital Marketing Director
  • Rajdeep Roy
    Rajdeep Roy Information Technology Director
  • Catherine Castro
    Catherine Castro HR & Recruitment Director


  • Isabel Serra
    Isabel Serra Client Services Manager
  • Jackie Villegas
    Jackie Villegas Content Manager
  • Joan Banez
    Joan Banez Business Dev Manager
  • Kathleen Serapao
    Kathleen Serapao Training Team Manager
  • Rheena Carla Tejada
    Rheena Carla Tejada Client Endorsement Manager
  • Zaeem Aslam
    Zaeem Aslam Finance Manager


  • Adnan Manzoor
    Adnan Manzoor Financial Accountant
  • Adrian Moronilla
    Adrian Moronilla Adrian Moronilla
  • Alejandro Juralbal
    Alejandro Juralbal Trainer & CE Specialist
  • Alvin Borlongan
    Alvin Borlongan Trainer & Customer Support Specialist
  • Anabella Andrade
    Anabella Andrade Recruitment Marketing Specialist
  • Annie Sampang
    Annie Sampang VA Profile Specialist
  • April Talens
    April Talens Link Builder & Guest Poster Specialist
  • Arlene Arciaga
    Arlene Arciaga HR Specialist
  • Arshpreet Kaur
    Arshpreet Kaur Technical Content Writer
  • Chirag Sharma
    Chirag Sharma Java Developer
  • Christopher Raagas
    Christopher Raagas Operations IT Specialist
  • Coleen Raine Abueva
    Coleen Raine Abueva HR Specialist
  • Divyang Parekh
    Divyang Parekh Web Developer
  • Donna Palo
    Donna Palo Xero Specialist
  • Gunesh Sothilingam
    Gunesh Sothilingam Payroll and Accounting Specialist
  • Jam Dela Cruz
    Jam Dela Cruz Digital Marketing Admin
  • Janine Santos
    Janine Santos Software Tester
  • Jay Thaker
    Jay Thaker IT Developer
  • Jeannilyn Ubas
    Jeannilyn Ubas Social Media Specialist
  • Joemar Garraton
    Joemar Garraton Video Marketing Specialist
  • Johan Castro
    Johan Castro Customer Support Specialist
  • Julie Leonen
    Julie Leonen Customer Support Specialist
  • Katrina Peralta
    Katrina Peralta Content Writer
  • Krantichandra Bhave
    Krantichandra Bhave Project Content Expert / Paid Ads & Keywords Specialist
  • Lady Dorepes
    Lady Dorepes Customer Support Specialist
  • Liwliwa Liwliw
    Liwliwa Liwliw Business Development Specialist
  • Lorenzo Alberto Alano
    Lorenzo Alberto Alano Client Endorsement Specialist
  • Luckilyn Gamboa
    Luckilyn Gamboa Recruitment Specialist
  • Luisa Ching
    Luisa Ching Client Endorsement Specialist
  • Manish Sharma
    Manish Sharma SEO/SEM Specialist
  • Maricar Ferolino
    Maricar Ferolino Recruitment Specialist
  • Mariel Barasona
    Mariel Barasona Recruitment Specialist
  • Mariel Peralta
    Mariel Peralta Content Writer
  • Mario Lou Dagondong
    Mario Lou Dagondong Recruitment Admin, Quality Admin & CRM IT Migration Admin
  • Mary Joan Cabidoy
    Mary Joan Cabidoy Client Endorsement Specialist
  • Mary Joy Galoso
    Mary Joy Galoso Administrative VA Trainer
  • May Ann Federigan
    May Ann Federigan Operations IT Specialist
  • Mechie Jimar
    Mechie Jimar Recruitment Specialist
  • Miriam Swin
    Miriam Swin Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
  • Mujaheed Abdul-Wahab
    Mujaheed Abdul-Wahab IT Marketing Specialist
  • Pankaj Vyas
    Pankaj Vyas UI/UX Front End Designer
  • Patrick Martin
    Patrick Martin Recruitment Team Admin Coordinator
  • Pauline Villanueva
    Pauline Villanueva Multimedia Designer
  • Riznha Angela Mendoza
    Riznha Angela Mendoza Digital Marketing Admin
  • Riznha Angela Mendoza
    Riznha Angela Mendoza Digital Marketing Admin
  • Robert Laroco
    Robert Laroco Client Endorsement Specialist
  • Romina Elise Apostol
    Romina Elise Apostol Client Services Specialist
  • Rondel Tria
    Rondel Tria Customer Support Specialist
  • Rose Ann Espiritu
    Rose Ann Espiritu Accounts Receivables Specialist
  • Ryan Herrera
    Ryan Herrera Social Media Specialist
  • Shemane Cordova
    Shemane Cordova Quality & Reputation Specialist
  • Soundarya Bandaru
    Soundarya Bandaru Junior Java Developer
  • Vipulkumar Mehta
    Vipulkumar Mehta iOS Developer
  • Yash Motwani
    Yash Motwani Data/Reports Analyst
  • Yogeshware Ingali
    Yogeshware Ingali Java Developer

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