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Job Code: Cpt-1410
Ecommerce VA

Shift Hours: Minimum of 20 hours, preferably 40 hours/week
Flexible hours between 8 AM and 5 PM EST
Timezone: EST 
We are a small and growing WordPress support and website design company.
We have just under 200 clients and we want to position these jobs so that the founders can focus on growth. We have two sister companies: a bookkeeping company and a small business training company.

We built the company ourselves. Then, we have had a small team over the last 2 years. That team did not want to grow with us, so we have parted ways to find the right team to grow with.

We will be moving to include AI solutions and choose a few niches to focus on over the next few years.

  • Tasks:
  •  Editing and updating existing WordPress websites (must know WordPress best practices)
  • Editing and updating in specifically the Divi WordPress theme (must know Divi best practices)
  • Updating site speed using standard site speed practices, including Cloudflare for WordPress
  • Researching the best WordPress plugins for a client’s needs
  • Advising on the best way to create a client’s requests
  • Estimating the time it will take to complete a project
  • Loading blog posts to Google My Business
  • Handing projects off to the customer service team
  • Building membership sites
  • Using Flywheel hosting Blueprints to install new websites
  • Following checklists in Basecamp (For now. We will be moving to ClickUp soon.)
  • Using Google Meet or Zoom for daily huddles (At first. We can reduce daily huddle attendance as we get more proficient as a team.)
  • Pointing domains
  • Migrating domains or websites from other hosting companies such as BlueHost, GoDaddy, etc. and moving them into Flywheel hosting
  • And more
  • Softwares/Applications Required:
  • Must have: 1. Basecamp 2. ClickUp 3. WordPress 4. Divi theme 5. Google Workspace
  • Good to have: 1 Canva 2. Inkscape 3. Gimp 4. Zoom

To apply for this job please visit 20four7va.com.

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