Social Media VA

  • Part Time
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Job Code: Cpt-1269
Social Media VA

Shift Hours: Part-time, 10-15 hours/week 
Begins at 9:00 AM EST or CT
Timezone: US (Eastern Time)

“The customer is in start-up mode of not just one but two business ventures. The first is a leadership development platform that will utilize simulated business and life technologies to practice the skills taught in the curriculum. Leadership is incredibly impacted by the lens through which a person sees the world. Minorities see the world differently from existing leaders, so the curriculum will focus on minority leaders, their teams, and their leaders. This will take the better part of 3-6 months to build. In the meantime, the business will start with a leadership coaching practice and podcast.

The second business will be an indie media & arts studio which will have the following platforms: podcasting, documentaries, video series, pop art gallery, and customized curated experiences. It will involve many creative professionals collaborating in different ways, events, and venues to provide fresh experiences for our members, clients, and audiences. The problem we are solving for them is boredom — feeling like today was exactly like yesterday and the day before. It’s important to note a Gallery Director will be overseeing the pop art gallery and likely building his or her own team. Video series will be in the format of a subscription or membership structure. Podcasting will use various players and catchers for distribution. All other videos — shorts, documentaries, etc will likely use Vimeo on Demand for distribution. The owner has no experience in this space and is learning on the fly. ”

  • Tasks:
  • Creating strategies for overall grassroots marketing campaign and social media, specifically
  • Gathering specific requirements around specific projects and campaigns that support the overall social media strategy of 2 businesses with 4 services and 6 to 8 products
  • Creating content for the above on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Creating advertising strategies focused on maximizing our limited resources
  • Creating pages for 3 lines of business and their products on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, Vimeo, Vimeo On Demand, YouTube, and Pinterest
  • Assisting in the graphic design for social media based on the branded guidelines to be in alignment with the business lines and their products as a whole
  • Actively responding to any Hub Chat inquires that the host receives the same day
  • Conducting image management for the customer
  • Creating email marketing campaign strategies for the 3 business lines and executing them

Musts :

  • Must be comfortable working with people from all walks of life, especially the LGBT community
  • Must be comfortable working with explicit material, however it’s less prevalent in this role compared to the content writer and graphic artist positions
  • Previous experience in gaming, augmented reality, or virtual reality preferred
  • Provide portfolio of work prior to interview

Software/Applications Required:

  • Adobe suite of products
  • Hootsuite
  • Microsoft 365 (Word, Access, Powerpoint, Teams, Excel, Office)
  • Yammer
  • Vimeo
  • Vimeo on Demand
  • YouTube

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