• Part Time
  • Anywhere

Job Code: CPT-0875

Shift Hours: Morning 10 AM – 12 PM OR afternoon 2 PM – 4 PM CET.


  •  Creating engaging content, including images, videos, animations, etc.
  •  Working with provided videos and images.
  •  Copywriting.
  •  Writing social media posts.
  •  Communicating with influencers and working on collaborations for the client.SOFTWARE/ APPLICATIONS REQUIRED:
  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok
  • Social media/influencer platforms/apps like,,
  • Canva
  • The VA has to be an absolute crack on social media platforms (must know how to use the correct hashtags, gain legitimate followers, grow the account, boost revenue with posts, and answer comments, if possible)
  • Knowledgeable on target markets for the UK and other English-speaking countries, fashion and lifestyle industries
  • Knowledgeable about Generation Z

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