Product Sourcing

  • Part Time
  • Anywhere

Job Code: Cpt-1351
Product Sourcing VA

Shift Hours: 10 hours/week
Between 12:00 and 6:00 PM their local time
Timezone: Local Time
Office products

  • Tasks:
  • Managing the supply chain (sourcing and validating suppliers, initiating contact, contract creation)
  • Building a diverse/global supply chain
  • Sourcing suppliers for products
  • Building relationships with suppliers
  • Maintaining / updating a product catalog of suppliers
  • Assisting in streamlining launch plans (for steady lineup of products)
  • Maintaining a clear project management / communication tool with suppliers
  • Candidates MUST possess good negotiation tactics
  • Candidates MUST be able to show a sample SOP (how to find suppliers, how to source products)
  • Software/Applications Required:
  • Amazon Seller Central

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